The results of the week: waiting for military assistance from the United States and the confidence of Ukrainians in the usefulness of NATO


$ 150 million

provided military support for Ukraine, including providing lethal defensive weapons to the direction in law a new US law on allocations for military needs until October 1, 2017. He has already passed the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States, but must still be approved by the Senate.

86 million dollars

made in February net sales (excess of sale over purchase) of foreign currency by the population through the banking system. Since the beginning of the year Ukrainian banks have sold already to 139.3 million dollars more of currency than bought.

10.5 billion UAH.

will be the income of the Fund of compulsory social insurance in case of unemployment for 2017, and expenses – UAH 10.3 bn. The budget of the Fund approved by the Cabinet. The reserve for payments of unemployment assistance – 176,3 million.

62% of Ukrainians

ready to a referendum on the country’s accession to NATO. In this case the membership would have voted 72% of the men are the data of sociological research of the center of Razumkov and Fund “Democratic initiatives”.

UAH 7.9 billion

is the market value included in the liquidation assets of the Bank “Nadra”, which is six times less than their carrying value – these are the findings of an independent appraiser, published on the website of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals. According to the Foundation, low market value of Bank assets is mainly due to the problems that arose prior to the introduction in 2009 of the first interim administration: “In 2008-2009, the Chairman of the Bank Igor Gilenko, the shareholders Ilya and Vadim Segal was taken from the financial institution about 8 billion by lending to related entities”.

54 thousand women

currently undergoing military service and work in the Armed forces, of which about 20 thousand soldiers. Since the beginning of the current year in military service under the contract came in about a thousand women over two thousand received the status of combatants.


increased by 14.7%

insurance companies in 2016, the collection of insurance payments on compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles (CTP) compared to 2015 – to 3.41 billion. The number of contracts increased by 3.3 percent to 7,049 million


on March 20

scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of the IMF on the third review of the cooperation program with Ukraine, said the official representative of the Fund Jerry rice. In the case of a positive decision, Ukraine may receive $ 1 billion of credit funds.

10.1 billion UAH.

the Cabinet has allocated for recapitalization of state-owned banks – Ukreximbank and Oschadbank will receive UAH 4.7 billion. and UAH 5.4 billion. respectively. As noted in the government decision, the decision will ensure the stable functioning and development of state banks, which is key to protecting the rights of depositors and other creditors.

338 million UAH.

net profit received solvent banks in January against 890 million. loss in the same period of the previous year, according to the NBU. According to estimates by the regulator, the profitability of the banking system during this month was provided primarily by growth in net interest income by 29.5% and net Commission income by 24.8%, which became possible thanks to decrease in rates on deposits and the recovery in demand for banking services.

was 1%

monthly inflation in February, compared to 1.1% in January and 0.9% in December, reported state statistics Committee. In annual terms, consumer price growth accelerated in February to 14.2% from 12.6% in January and 12.4% in the past year. The government expects inflation slowdown in 2017 to 8.1%. The national Bank initially forecast it at the level of 8% in January downgraded its forecast to 9.1%.

5 more Ukrainian enterprises

engaged in the manufacture of food products, in 2017, won the right to export to the European Union, reported Ministry of agrarian policy. The number of Ukrainian enterprises eligible to export to the EU market in 2016 amounted to 277, 97 of which are enterprises producing food products.


increased by $15 million

in February the international reserves of Ukraine as of March 1 $of 15.46 billion, according to the NBU. According to the Central Bank, replenishment of reserves has contributed to a growing supply of export revenue on interbank currency market where the surplus is bought by the NBU. However, since the level of reserves decreased by 79,63 million dollars.

increased by 11.3%

production of raw coal in the January-February year-on-year, coking coal production decreased by 24.2%, while energy increased by 16.5% – estimated the Ministry of energy.

record 195 tons

garlic exported in 2016, reported the Ministry of agrarian policy. 75 tons were delivered to EU countries, although Ukraine has a quota of 500 tons duty free for supplies. But more garlic in the country is just not done. Moreover, Ukraine meets the needs of the domestic market, 10% to 90% dependent on imports.

repaid 12.3 billion UAH.

its debt to the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits of liquidated banks. This amount had been received as of March 1 for 3.5 years and is only 13% of the total amount of creditor’s claims.

The world

within 60 days

in South Korea should be held early presidential elections as the country’s constitutional court on 9 March upheld the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye.

2.2 billion euros

will pay the French PSA Group (owner of brands Peugeot and Citroen) for the European division of General Motors, which manufactures cars of the brands Opel and Vauxhall. Thus, the largest automaker of the US away from Europe, where his business was unprofitable last two decades.

33 trillion dollars

reached by the end of 2016, total assets of Chinese banks compared to 31 trillion dollars. the Eurozone 16 trillion and US $ 7 trillion of Japan. The size of the banking system of China exceeded three of the annual GDP (in the Eurozone to 2.8 of GDP).

rose to 20.7 per item

the investor confidence index in the Euro area in March from 17.4 points in February, according to data from research group Sentix. This is the highest figure since 2007, the Index of economic expectations in the Euro area in March rose to 17.8 points from February to 14.3. The current situation index also increased to 23.8 item from 20.5 in the previous month, to its highest level since 2011

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500 tons

gold by 2020 plans to annually produce China (now produces about 450 tons), growth should reach about 3% per year. China for 10 years, is the largest gold producer in the world and four years – the largest consumer. By the end of 2016, the volume of gold production in the country amounted to 453,5 t, an increase of 0.76%, while consumption decreased by 6.74% to 975,38 T.

will be 3.3%

global GDP growth in 2017, according to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), growth last year was 3%. In 2018 is expected to accelerate growth to 3.6%, the highest since 2011, Growth is expected at 2.7% in the Eurozone – 1,6%.

194,2 item

made in February, the average price index for milk and milk products, defined by FAO. This is 37% higher than in 2016, the highest since August 2014, the World prices rose in February compared with January. Globally, over the past 12 months, the high demand among dairy products used milk fat, resulting in prices for butter and dry whole milk increased more than the price of nonfat dry milk and cheese. In Ukraine, over the last six months the price of cheese increased by 40%. At that, stock reserves of cheeses growing, despite the reduction of their release.