Dump truck without fuel: the biggest electric car in the world

In Switzerland presented the biggest electric car in the world. They became a huge mining truck Komatsu weighing 45 tons. And it’s not a prototype soon the truck will go into operation, reports the center.

Dump truck Komatsu HD 605-7 decided to redo it in the cart in the experiment. The team of engineers installed electric motors instead of 715-horsepower turbodiesel.

Affects battery-electric trucks. It consists of 1440 Nickel, manganese and cobalt cells with a total capacity of 700 kWh. For reference: light electric vehicles capacity rarely exceeds 100 kW-h battery that Weighs 4.5 tons.


  • For Arnold Schwarzenegger built electric Hummer H1

Also impressive get a regenerative braking system. For short trip it is able to charge the battery is 40 kWh.