From visits to India, China, Russia will arise Eurasian orientation?

For a visit in the middle of this month President Erdogan will make to China after visiting India and Russia, followed by the visit of the Turkish leader in the United States. The visit of the three major powers of Eurasia before the visit to USA — America signal? Bluff? Or Turkey really is looking for allies in Eurasia? The answers to these questions we receive after Erdogan’s visit to the United States. Policy implemented to date, including the period after the coup attempt of the terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen) July 15, with the support of imperialist forces, confirmed that the ruling bloc does not have any coherent policy towards Eurasia. The approach of Turkey is to develop economic relations, but not to set strategic goals. Russia and China see it. So I say: “Turkey raises on the agenda of Eurasia temporarily as a bluff and tactical trump card, while it is subjected to sharp criticism and isolation from the West”. Note, China and Russia are the biggest trading partners of Turkey after Germany.

The visit of President Erdogan to India began with high expectations from both political and commercial points of view. However, there are no concrete achievements to the extent which was expected. We are unable to achieve the sale of tomatoes to Russia. But we agreed to buy wheat at the Russian. So, tomato-wheat the war was won by Russia. In the “Turkish stream” and the missiles of s-400, too, happened as the Russians wanted. For the Turkish textiles to the Russian market re-opened. Restrictions on the construction sector will be removed. But the issue of exemption of visas we did not get what he wanted. In the Syrian issue, the most important item on the agenda, Turkey is still closer to points of Russia. As for another important issue — providing support to a terrorist organization the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) — Russia did not step back. The Moscow office of the terrorist organization was not closed. In other words, Russia got up from the table, getting much more than Turkey. And during visit to China the theme of the summit project “one belt and one road”.

Recall when on “family photo” of leaders at the G20 summit in China President Erdogan were sealed between Russian and Chinese leaders, it was commented how the support of Turkey from Eurasia. The Eurasian powers have supported Turkey after a coup attempt FETÖ July 15. But to explain this to be a joint photo of the leaders at the G20 summit wrong. Traditionally on a joint photo, the leader of the host country for the summit, as a rule, becomes the next leader of the country in which was held the previous summit, and the leader of the country, which will host the next summit. Since the previous summit was held in Turkey, and the next summit was to be held in Russia (as in the article — approx. TRANS.), the location of the Turkish leader between Chinese and Russian leaders at a joint photography was natural and traditional. No more.

How much Russia trusts Turkey

In a period of tension in relations with Turkey, Russia submitted to the UN materials containing allegations of Turkey having links with the terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). It is known that in previous talks with Erdogan, Putin warned about the timing and scale of the operation “Shield of the Euphrates” in Syria, said that the operation “is conducted without consultation with the Syrian side”. Against Turkey, which receives 55% of its natural gas, 33% coal consumption and 18% of its oil from Russia, Russia has a strong position. Our first nuclear plant in Akkuyu (Mersin) also build Russian, for $ 22 billion. A major energy supplier for Turkey, which pays 50 billion dollars a year for energy, provides Russia’s scope for action in the field of Economics, politics, diplomacy. Psychological advantage — also on the Russian side. Primarily because of the destruction of Russian aircraft, sharing intelligence during the coup attempt FETÖ and murder of the Russian Ambassador.

Despite the dependence of the energy and economic ties Turkey with political, diplomatic and military points of view dependent on Western institutions. Turkey catches every word of Western-oriented global economic institutions, rating agencies. Such as the IMF, the world Bank, the U.S. Federal reserve, Standards and poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch… With Eastern organizations in Turkey does not have such cooperation with Western organizations. Turkey is a dialogue partner in the Shanghai cooperation organization, the temporary President of the Energy club, and all. Depending on the ruling bloc of Turkey from the West, its proximity with countries of the Persian Gulf, which hold onto the Western skirt of papadopolos financial community, supplying power and recharging power in Turkey, know as the United States and Russia with China.

Moreover, the relationship between the ruling classes in Turkish society, relations in the sphere of production, ownership, distribution, political, social, cultural orientation not only allow Turkey to carry out any sharp, quick, radical separation from the Atlantic and NATO camp, but even to cast doubt on this relationship. To expect that the economic, political circles, society, universities, business, government officials will begin a discussion unrealistic. In the short term is impossible. An economy that does not talk about industrialization, development, exports, investment, and speaks only of the rent, REPO transactions, interest rates, stock market foreign currency, can not get rid of dependence on the West.

Loading visit to the United States large sense mistakenly

From the upcoming talks between President Erdogan and U.S. President trump unrealistic to expect any major results. Hope that the US will give Turkey the leader FETÖ and stop supporting the terrorist organization PKK — PYD, not worth it. USA that use the PYD as a ground force in Syria and Iraq and not consider it a terrorist organization, saying Turkey: “don’t put attacks on the PKK — PYD. Admit them. Let your ground troops will join operation against ISIS. In response to this I will agree to the creation of safe zones in Syria. Admit the independence of Barzani. Admit the Kurdish Autonomous region in Northern Syria. Give Cyprus”. Turkey before the public opinion sometimes pretends that criticizes US. And in the negotiations with the Americans gives very explicit signals.

The obvious following fact: the U.S. knows that Kurdistan, which they want to create a need for its existence to have access to the Mediterranean sea and have oil revenues. And to take care of it, in their opinion, should Turkey. To this end, the US is creating controlled instability, controlled chaos in the middle East. Because of the deterioration of state capacities, the weakening of environmental dominance and potential hegemony of the United States do not have the strength to open occupation. In other words, the use of hybrid methods of war, allies conduct proxy wars isn’t a choice but the need for the United States. In Iraq the initiative is in the hands of USA in Syria — in the hands of Russia. Therefore, the United States, opening the corridor, made sure the ISIL terrorists who fled from Mosul, easily reached Syria, Raqqa. They “mistakenly” hit by the Syrian army, which was preparing to attack ISIS. They broke the ceasefire in Syria.

Turkey is aware of its geopolitical weight. She’s afraid to look into the eyes of his objective reality, their needs, needs. She can’t question their dependence on the Atlantic, up to the West. She eludes. She says, “the Supreme mind”, “on the other side of the ocean.” Lack of courage to admit that imperialism wants to divide Turkey, and in this regard, to do everything necessary, entails losses for Turkey.