Guillotine Latin America

For the first time in many years and after the attacks of 11 September 2001 in Latin America, there was a democratic upsurge, with the exception of Cuba and Venezuela. Over the past decade in the continent marked by significant economic growth, driven by demand for commodities. In addition, as a result of the struggle for leadership between the leading economic powers of the world, Latin America has received support in Chinese demand for its products and build infrastructure.

While in Latin America, there is no strategy of economic development along a path that would allow her to solve her main problem. I mean poverty and social inequality, especially sharply manifested in Mexico, where there are about one hundred thousand millionaires and more than 55 million poor people, equivalent to almost half of the population.

It is highly in this regard, the scandal of the construction company Odebrecht. For the first time in 500 years after the conquest of the continent, corruption has reached such an unprecedented scale. And it’s not even that it involved representatives of the ruling class, without exception, all Latin American countries. In addition, this scandal proves the failure of this class to realize, given the degree of impunity and impudence with which he lived, robbed and betrayed their people that there is no future neither he nor those systems that he represents.

Now, out from under dependence on Washington, freed from the dark forces of the Empire, to interfere with his historical development, the continent, instead of to aspire to the heights of progress, moving towards a precipice. Because of the scandal around the company Odebrecht, we transferred all of our designs for the decline, disgrace and backwardness to the Americans, who are perfectly able to manage it to their advantage States presidents and the ruling classes.

This fact underlines not only suicidal incapacity of Latin American politicians, but also the destiny infinite investment committed to the fight against corruption, which threatened permanently to impress the society.

Where was at that time prosecutors involved in the fight against corruption? Where were the mechanisms of control over public expenditure? Why didn’t they opened it? Right now nobody knows, nobody wants to know where to begin to cut funds that could improve the welfare, to provide stability and to prevent a social explosion.

All countries, from Mexico to Brazil, just do that admit their guilt. And the fact that the Supreme court of Brazil decided to deal with the scandal around it, to investigate and to prosecute all those responsible, is a historical consequence of the police operation “Clean hands”, which inflicted a serious blow to the pervasive corruption in the Italian political system, which was called “Tangentopoli” (Tangentópolis). As a result of previous political class of Italy left the stage, and he replaced the government of Silvio Berlusconi was in power for almost ten years.

All this calls for the guard, though, judging by how events unfold in the future there will be presidents, embodying the worst human qualities, to betray the interests of the homeland and its people, which they are obliged constantly to defend.

But, you also need to realize that we have created and live in the system all the allocated funds, speeches and laws to prevent corruption are not working. The question is: they don’t work, because we were unable to enforce them or because since they were written, no one intended them to do?

We really can’t have a political system free from corruption? We can really tell our peoples that there is nothing wrong with what they’re dying of hunger, while their leaders plunder the little that remained. This is the thermonuclear weapon, which is a terrible moral, political and social consequences, which we gave to the United States for use against Latin America.

Thank you, Odebrecht!