Rules of success from famous people: Mary Kay ash

  • One intense hour of work is worth a day of dreams. To achieve something great, you must step by step to solve small problems.
  • You can wear rose-colored glasses and live in a pink world, but you can take a brush and to decorate this world. The main thing — to find that same “brush”.
  • Every piece of criticism hide between two large pieces of praise.
  • If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t — you’re right, too.
  • If the business cannot develop and thrive without its founder, I would say that the founder did not do their job.
  • The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is extraordinary determination.
  • Even the smallest achievements pave the way to greater success.
  • Believe in yourself and in people around you. Then everything will work out.
  • In the world there are three types of people: those who change the world, those who follow the changes and those who are genuinely surprised to learn about the changes. You decide which group you want to belong to. I always wanted to be in the first group.
  • When you stand at the threshold of death, will be no matter how much money you earned, how big a house you have, and how much is your machine. Each of us will come to this day — and we must ask ourselves: was there any sense in lived our life?