The story of the stories about Russia have appeared at the most inopportune moment for CNN

Editor CNN investigative journalist Lex Haris (Lex Haris) last week visited the Phoenix at the conference on journalism. Looking back, I realize that he did it at the wrong time.

While Haris was absent, his company published on the website the material in which it is said (citing a single anonymous source) that the Senate investigators are studying the circumstances of the meeting between the member of the team trump the transitional period, the financier of wall Street Anthony of Scaramucci (Anthony Scaramucci) and head of the Russian investment Fund, held to bring trump to the oath. The authors have continued the storyline about the relationships between members of staff trump and close to Russian President Vladimir Putin people.

But there was one problem. When the address of CNN began to receive questions about the details of the story, a media group admitted that they can not prove it. On Saturday, she removed the message and apologized to Scaramucci. On Monday, Harris along with editor Eric Lichtblau (Eric Lichtblau) and reporter Thomas Frank (Thomas Frank) resigned from CNN.

These events have allowed Trump to make Tuesday a victory lap. He turned to Twitter and criticized CNN and other media (including The Washington Post) that aggressively threw the audience content contacts his aides with Russian representatives during the election campaign and before the inauguration.

“Wow, CNN had to remove most of the history of Russia, and three employees were forced to resign. But what about the other false materials that they prepare? FAKE NEWS!” — wrote the President. He later added: “the Company “CNN Fake news” spends a big change in leadership, as she was caught by the hand when she push through their fabricated stories about Russia. Ratings collapsed!”

Actually, CNN is not conducting “major changes in leadership” reported by leading company executives. However, trump, who has long been unwilling to recognize his own lies, is unlikely to fix your tweet. He also said nothing about the mistakes made in other media such as Fox News as he considers them friendly.

However, the story of Scaramucci was another fiasco CNN, and it happened at the wrong time, because trump and his supporters today are closely watching the materials of this and other news organizations. The tension forced the head of CNN Jeff Zucker (Jeff Zucker) to give internal guidance to prepare reports about the trump “without error”.

But the desire to provide sensation creates a rush, which reports appear error. Like all other mainstream media, CNN is experiencing competitive pressure and forced to look for sensational news to get good ratings and a large audience online, keeping up with the New York Times and the Washington Post who became leaders in the materials on trump Russia.

Last month, CNN had other scandals. The company fired comedian Kathy Griffin (Kathy Griffin) that led program of the new year, and before that was posing for photographers with a model of the severed heads of Donald trump. CNN had to correct errors in the report, which sounded the forecast that would say the former, FBI Director James Comey about trump at the hearings in Congress. And then the company canceled a series of newscasts Believer and fired host Reza Aslan (Reza Aslan) when he obscenely expressed about trump tweet.

This highly charged atmosphere explains why CNN has gone to such extraordinary measures in the history of Scaramucci. News agencies usually publish corrections when you make a mistake, but CNN did much more. She apologized for their shortcomings, have removed the false content from your website and fired those who participated in their preparation. People are usually fired for plagiarism and even more serious journalistic breach.

History of Scaramucci was the first time his CNN removal of material after arrival at the end of 2011 Zucker. The Zucker long-standing and sometimes tense relationship with trump, because he’s been given the green light on his reality show “the Apprentice” and “celebrity Apprentice” when he headed NBC, and was sometimes criticized by trump, being at the head of CNN.

CNN did not specifically say that stuff about Russia is wrong, limiting the statement that he did not meet “editorial standards” (a company spokesman on Tuesday declined to speak specifically about what constitutes non-compliance). However, news agencies usually several times miss important materials through the editorial sieve, and in this case, most likely, was not.

I must say that the senior editor who published this material division, Harris certainly does not take a direct part in its preparation, because was in business trip at a conference on investigative journalism. This was reported by a source familiar with the process of preparing news.

Nevertheless, Harris made a statement in which he claimed responsibility for the incident. “On Friday, CNN removed the article published by my team. I, as a responsible editor of this team resign, he said. — I work at CNN since 2001 and is sure of one thing: this news organization appreciates above all else accuracy and honesty. I’m leaving, but will follow these principles, wherever”.

CNN said that in addition to Harris, she took notice of resignation, the veteran of journalism, Lichtblau, which this year came from the New York Times, and editor Frank, who previously worked at USA Today. Frank in 2012, reached the final of the competition to receive the Pulitzer prize for a series of articles about state and local pension funds.

Under Zucker, CNN has started to strengthen its reporter’s footage on the eve of the electoral cycle in 2016, and it brought her a record ratings and profit. This year she opened the investigative team, which was led by Harris, and now there are about 30 journalists. This is one of the largest such departments in the country. Very often the materials of journalistic investigations of this Department (including the story of Scaramucci) do not appear on television, and on the website that was one of the most visited in the world.

Such investments in journalism, CNN has brought a lot of solid materials, among which appeared in last month’s report that officials from the Russian government discussed damaging information about trump in conversations intercepted by U.S. intelligence during the presidential campaign.

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And that, for false journalism and have a good time?

Yes. Every day. On Fox News.

Robert Lowery
Caught with his pants down. I’m still peeing after Hillary Clinton lowered invested in her campaign money.

Every one of the channels and publications should make their material on the deal with Russia was flawless. Trump and his cronies gets the chance in order to evade accusations of possible infidelity.

Whenever I turn on CNN, they say something about Russia. But never present any evidence. They deliberately try to mix news about the Russian “attempts at” hacking with news about a non-existent conspiracy involving trump.


Hysterical desire to shift the trump deals permanent damage to CNN and other liberal media (including Washington Post). Yes, the ratings have risen, but they will fail when the trump will be gone, and you have no one will believe. Mark my words, in five years, maybe faster, you will go bankrupt.