Forecasters said the weather forecast earlier in the week

In the coming days the weather in Ukraine will determine the humid air mass is expected to increase in atmospheric pressure over the South and South-East – a slight decrease, said on Sunday, may 21, Reuters.

Forecasters predict short rains, storms in places, at night in the Carpathian region, heavy rains; the one in the sea of Azov, and in the afternoon in the North of Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil and Vinnytsia regions without precipitation.

Wind North-East (night in the South-Eastern part of South-West), 7-12 m/s, with thunderstorms wind gusts up to 15-20 m/s.

Night temperature 7-12°C, 17-22°C, in Transcarpathia to 25°, on the coast of the seas, in the Eastern regions and the Carpathians places 13-16°.

In Kiev at night, intermittent rain in places, storm, day, no precipitation; temperatures of 9-11°, day 18-20°.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory in Kiev on may 22, the highest temperature of the day was to 32.0 in 2007. low -1,7 night in 1917.

On Tuesday, may 23, weather forecasters predict the weather in Ukraine, without precipitation. Wind variable directions of 3-8 m/s.

The temperature at night 5-10°, on the coast of the seas to 13° (in the Eastern, Chernihiv and Sumy regions 1-6° heat in the soil in some places frost 0-2°); afternoon on the right Bank of 18-23° C, the rest of the 15-20°.

In Kiev on Tuesday is also expected to rain. Wind variable directions of 3-8 m/s. night Temperature 8-10°, in the afternoon of 21-23°.

May 21 9: 00 water temperature in the Black and Azov seas was 15-19°, in the Dnieper river near Kiev 15°.