Julia Samoylova — the provocation of the Kremlin

Finally lit up in Kiev preparing for the long-awaited show of the “warring country” under the conditional name “Eurovision”. After selecting the representative of Ukraine at this Conchita the contest became a performer with a meaningless set of letters, very prominent in some ritual cafe Zhitomir, preparation is hushed. When collapsed shuliavska bridge, everything is intensified, but not for long. Well, here we go: Russia has decided who will be sent in “fighting capital of the warring powers”.

Nobody even pays attention to what the hangar under the name “international exhibition center” on the left Bank, where should be a European competition, is in poor condition. Dogs was chosen by the iron corner of the building — corrosion, metal fatigue, lack of funding, the protest care team of top managers, who allegedly organized the “Eurovision”. Agree, this is not important. The roads in the pits? Ridiculous to even write about such things. National feature — like pavers. Plus a great defense against possible invasion of Putin’s tanks. They get bogged down on troyeschina. No one there is not time left. Checked.

All Kiev is a great backdrop for the film “Stalker” Tarkovsky: collapsed building debris that moves freely along the Central thoroughfares of the city, the facades of the houses covered with bizarre cracks. Somewhere on the balconies remained national flags, two years turned into fancy rags, idly moving in the spring wind.


The guests will love. Luckily, the hotels there were fresh shoots postmaydannoy cockroaches, characterized by a special resistance to sneaker and pesticides.

As you can see, the leadership of the European capital has made every effort to ensure that the celebration of transvestites, transsexuals and other performers was held at the highest level. And here, again, Russia has decided who will be sent into the thick of the show. This singer confined to a wheelchair, Julia Samoylova. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t know what guided the Russian side, when they took this decision. I suspect that there was hoping for some remnants of compassion among the population. Their hopes were dashed.

The first question that began to discuss the proper Europeans in social networks, replacing their minds: is it permissible to beat the disabled? Less than an hour after the information about Yulia Samoilova. It turns out that when there is a war, when Putin crushes their tanks daily Ukrainian patriots in the ATO area, no moral standards do not apply.

Instantly boil organizational work. Activists, volunteers and concerned patriots, suffering from the domination of the Soviet holidays, instantly found: Samoilov in 2015 visited brutally occupied by Russia Crimea. SBU promptly initiated a case against “Russian kolyasochny” is almost one hundred percent probability that Samoilov will bring in black lists. And this is the most “humane” option against the Russian singer. If there’s some kind of miracle and Samoilova allowed to speak may 11 at the “Eurovision”, the scope of “Patriotic rebellion” can affect the immature imagination of the guests.

In the case of the invention of various ways to humiliate human dignity, cynically insulting our patriots no equal in the world. Pour paint, to beat, to block the airport, to thwart even the possibility to act — it all we can. Nothing to save: or disabled or talent or both.

Understand the meaning of “Eurovision”, which takes place in Kiev, is to not to allow representatives of Russia to the contest. This is so, I do not exaggerate. Allocated at the tender of six hundred million hryvnias have been already cut prior to the event. The most epic score — renovation of the lobby of the metro “left Bank”, which led to the collapse of the passenger. All. But the “ideological component” of the show is psychedelic for the patriots is much more important. Samoilova fate is sealed. Have even have the “excuse” of a future attack on the Russian performer: “agents of Putin dressed in the uniform of the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) would score her foot on Andreevsky descent by the camera “Layfnyus”.

Compassion and some remnants of humanity in a country where riots and blockades are the most natural manifestations of “love of nation” is a bluff. Here’s the MP Biletsky the head with his “Azov” personally, blows foam ATMs “of financial Russian invader of the savings Bank and calls to smash all departments.

The fact of the choice of the representative of Russia on “Eurovision” was regarded by the patriots as a provocation. Say, it’s not our fault that they sent a disabled person, we were provoked. Guests of the capital, as well as the viewers of the show can live to make sure that Kiev — the capital of the European powers, which is experiencing a Renaissance of the middle Ages. In short, Russia is to blame and that framed “the disabled girl”. But that will not save her, as volunteers, activists and patriots uncovered a cunning plan of Putin and determined to defend “gidnist”. With all the ensuing consequences.