Detailed review official pictures of Emmanuel Macron

As the author of the novel “Red and black”, “the difference is, after the difference of the States, has served constantly a common place for provincial jokes”.

In 1981, françois Mitterrand, appeared before the lens of photographer Gisele Freund (Gisèle Freund) with “experience” Montaigne in his hands. According to the TV channel Europe 1, Emmanuel macron for their official portrait, signed Soazig de La Masoner (Soazig de la Moissonnière), in addition to the iPhone chose three works: Military memoirs of General de Gaulle, the book is open right in the photo, and also “Red and black” by Stendhal and “Viands of the earth” Andre Gide, these books can be seen in the left corner of the photo.

Portrait officiel.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) 29 June 2017.

About their preferences, and literary tastes macron admitted to the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche: “I love Stendhal, Camus, Gide and Rimbaud”.

Some observers, such as the researcher Moisi Dominique (Dominique Moïsi), imagine it in the way of the novel “the Charterhouse of Parma”. “Some see Him as a romantic hero originally from the novel of Stendhal, a contemporary of Fabrizio del Dongo, who decided not to remain a spectator in this world and decide the fate of their own hands.” Or the writer Laurence Camille (Camille Laurens), which in the newspaper Libération writes about the “energy of good luck and sensitivity of this young lyrical hero, descended from the pages of a novel by Stendhal”.

The hero of “the red and the black” Julien Sorel is also an ambitious young man who dreams of social ascent and departure from the fictional town of Verrieres in his native province of Franche-Comte. And he opens the present “peace” as evidenced by the quote from the novel, found by the writer Karin Tulle (Karine Tuli): “How great was my presumption in Verrières, thought Julien,’ I imagined that I live; but I only prepared for life, and now I got a life what she will for the rest of my mission among the throng of enemies.”

It is also worth noting an element of trolling, because “Red and black” is the story of the passion between a guy and a woman much older than him — Madame de renal. This item coincides with a major episode from the biography of Emmanuel Macron: we are talking about his marriage to a former French teacher, Brigitte Tronie that aroused great curiosity from the press, especially foreign, but also a lot of sexist remarks during the presidential campaign.

“And that Madame renal said to him about her age, gave him some confidence.

— Alas, because I’m ten years older than you! Could it be that you love me?— she told him without any intent, simply because the idea oppressed her. Julien did not understand her grief, but saw that it was sincere, and almost forgot his fear of appearing ridiculous. A ridiculous idea that he will look down because of his low origin, also disappeared.

As the ardor of Julien poured solace in his heart timid lover, she slowly departed soul and had the ability to get accustomed to your lover. Fortunately, on this day, he almost did not accept that sham, who yesterday turned their date in his victory, but not in ecstasy. If only she noticed his efforts to sustain the role, it is a sad discovery forever would have poisoned all her happiness. She’d tell herself that this is nothing like the dire consequence of a huge difference.

Although Madame de renal had never thought about the theories of love, but the difference is, after the difference of the States, has served constantly a common place for provincial witticisms, only infused with love.”

In “Viands of the earth” already in the first pages we find the following lines: “Any choice, if you think about it, terrible: terrible freedom, which is not tied to debt. This is the road that we have to choose in a totally unfamiliar country where everyone makes his own discovery, and, remember this, doing it only for himself; so that the most obscure trail in a remote corner of Africa seems to be still less questionable…”

And again: “There are amazing opportunities in each person. The present would have a lot of options for the future, if the past is not laid in it your story. But alas! Uniqueness implies uniqueness of the past, the future, the plan before us — like point in infinite space”.

Quite a beautiful legend for the official photos.