Grant: who will have to pay more, what will change in 2017 and will work when monetization

The subsidy program in Ukraine has taken unprecedented proportions. For utility rebates this year alone from the budget plan to spend about 70 billion hryvnia, and bills with graphs “subsidy” will receive every second family. This year, the Cabinet of Ministers amended the state program: the unused “discount” (except 100 cubic meters of gas and 150 kWh of electricity if used for heating) return to the state budget. And in the next month, according to the Memorandum with the IMF, should cancel the installment of the heating and to begin the process of monetization of subsidies. The website “Today” found out how much you will have to pay subsidianes in the following heating season and how we can take the promised monetization.

The subsidy promise to pay “on hand”

In Ukraine, operates the clearing system of payment of subsidies. The state does not pay providers for subsidianes, instead, they get, for example, blue fuel in the amount spent on discounts. “We will approve the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the monetization of assistance in the framework of subsidies for payment for housing and communal services at the level of companies that provide public utilities to the end of September 2017,” – said in the Memorandum with the IMF, signed by the President, Prime Minister, Finance Minister and head of the NBU.

“We will approve the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the monetization of assistance in the framework of subsidies for payment for housing and communal services at the level of companies that provide public utilities to the end of September 2017,” – said in the Memorandum with the IMF.

As explained by the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, we are talking about, instead of mutual companies-suppliers received money for grants. On subsidianes such innovation may not be reflected – as before, the subsidy will cover part of the cost of the communal, and the rest will have to pay yourself. Last year the head of the Project office of reforms at the Ministry of Finance Yana Bugrimova said the Cabinet plans to introduce a monetization at the company level in March 2017. To bring the plan to life and failed.


After the monetization will be introduced at the company level, you can proceed to the next step of the reform – to give money directly to familieswho received subsidies. In 2016, the project office of reforms has assumed that it will occur in 2018. How this will work, the government is still debating. Perhaps part of the money will leave companies in the hands of the family receive only “scanonline” subsidies. Another option is to make “the change” grants to use for energy efficiency.

For example, a family of four people in the house with an area of 70 squares in winter can waste 378.4 cubic meters of gas (for heating and hot water). This is the amount of “blue fuel” for the subsidy. If you save and instead of 378.4 cubes to burn 250 during the heating season can be collected 770 “extra” cubes. At the current rate, this amount of gas is worth more than 5300 UAH. If monetization was working today, this money could give the family.

A few years ago the savings of the subsidy transferred for the next season. Reduced the size of mandatory payment, and in a month you do not pay for communal. This year, after the decision of Cabinet of Ministers No. 300, all savings from the subsidy, in addition to 300 cubic meters of gas and 150 kWh of electricity (if used for heating), return to the budget. According to rough estimates, the Ministry of social policy, unused grants have been half a million Ukrainians. The budget will be increased to approximately 10 billion hryvnia.

Who took unused subsidy:

  • Family apartment with Central heating – all, the amount returned to the budget
  • The family that housing heats with gas will give about 700 hryvnias, the rest – to the budget
  • Seven, which uses the electric heating, the money will be given 174 of the hryvnia, and the rest – to the budget

Money Ukrainians will list on Bank cards, which they must specify in the statement, before the first of September. “By July 1, 2017, producers or companies-providers for gas and electricity in paper and electronic form should provide a structural unit for the social protection of the population lists energy saving subsidences indicating the amount of unused state aid. Subsidianes that led energy efficient household, to receive funds will be required from 1 July until 1 September to apply to the local Department of social protection of the population on the basis of which will be monetary rewards for energy efficiency”, – explained in the Ministry of social policy.

That will change this year

The income of Ukrainians before the heating season recalculated to take into account will be the income over 4 quarters (12 months). The website “Today” has developed a calculator which allows to calculate the discount in 2017.

How much you should pay for communal subsidy
How many people in your family:
What is the total income of your family (UAH):

How do you heat the house:
There is Central heating
Heated with gas

What area of your home (m2):

How many can pay for communal*:
* If the specified amount is sufficient for the payment of utilities with no subsidy, “discount” is not entitled to

What is covered by the subsidy:

The calculator shows a sample calculation. The final decision on the appointment of subsidies are received by the local authority of social protection, which also can calculate the exact amount of the grant.


The calculator also shows how much the utilities compensate for the subsidy. It should be noted that the volume of these services in the coming heating season will be reduced. So, if used for heating per square meter of housing gave 5.5 cubic meters of gas this winter – just 5 cubes. Reduced subsidy for those who use Central heating. If earlier stood out 0,0548 Gcal of heat per square meter, this year will give just 0,0431. If you spend the same amount, the “excess” will have to pay yourself.
Also, according to the Memorandum with the IMF, Ukraine needs to cancel the installment of heating. Last winter, Ukrainians without subsidies could write an application and pay the heat from six months and 12. All payment divided in half and distributed for the whole year.

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In homes without Central heating subsidies for heat will not give for seven months, and six.