Time for 100 days: what MPs should do for people before the New year

Before the new year there are exactly 100 days. “Today” has collected the most important tasks that need to be addressed to the Ukrainian authorities before the arrival of 2018, and remembered what innovations should appear before January 1.

REFORMS, LAWS AND PERSONNEL. Yesterday Rada was preparing to take two important reforms — the judiciary and the pension. But before she could even finish the trial because of the large number of edits, often technical. And on Friday they have a budget for 2018. The first reform, let’s not forget that in making almost 5,000 edits in the various codes (criminal, commercial etc.), the second includes the transition to the calculation of pensions according to the common law (more than 30), the updating from 1 October already appointed pensions introduction of pension savings accounts, increase experience, etc.

Next in line — madrepora, the main thing in which — the transition from pay beds in hospitals for payment of medical services actually provided to patients.

Also deputies have to consider and approve the law on the state budget and to amend the law “On automobile transport”. The reason — the new EU Directive, all vehicles entering Europe must have a certificate of inspection from 1 January 2018 And in Ukraine, the rate of passing inspection for non-commercial passenger cars will begin to operate from November 2019 in addition, before the new year, deputies and the President need to nominate the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights, the Ministers of agrarian policy, information policy, healthcare, heads of the NBU and the state property Fund (SPF), the new members of the audit chamber and Central election Commission. And form the Supreme court. The contest ended, have to wait for when the High Council of justice will be served to the President for signature a list of candidate judges.

EXPERTS. Political analysts believe that will be able to fulfill not all of the planned — of the members of Parliament, making numerous changes, the delay time. Political analyst Vladimir Fesenko said Today that this week can take judicial reform, and the consideration of pension will take for the next week, making it the plenary. Also have to take in time for the budget (until 1 December) and possibly to the end of the year — health reform.

But the big appointments, Fesenko did not expect: “Must approve the head of the national Bank, the Ombudsman and the Supreme court. But the appointment of Ministers, the head of FGI, the new composition of the CEC to engage is unlikely to be Happy. Not earlier than next year, will return to this issue.”

Avtoekspert Oleg Nazarenko doubt that the inspection is made compulsory this year: “Not even bill. Therefore, those who go to his car in the EU will be able to pass it voluntarily, as a commercial transport.”

PEOPLE. The population is waiting for some important changes. October 1, reduced to 25% sotsnormy of gas consumption for those who have no counters. Cooking will be a 3.3 cubic meters per person instead of 4.4. This will reduce the amount of the subsidy, because they are calculated on sinarmas.

At the request of the European court from October 1 to equalize the rights of mothers and fathers in disputes in divorce, with whom to live to the child. Now the courts give priority to the mother, and in October the judge’s decision will depend on the physical and psychological status of the parents. If the parliamentarians will accept pancreata and it will come into force, from 1 October to 5.6 million from 11.9 million pensioners will receive increased payments.

We are also waiting for the electronic revolution. State migratory service will begin with the October issue internal ID-passport with an electronic digital signature that will allow the use of state and banking online. The state Agency for e-governance promise that before the end of the year there will be new online services: registration of marriage and a newborn, registration of a new car, obtaining grants, obtaining of licenses to sell alcohol and tobacco products, etc. Driving licence issued from November, will conform to EU standards: with chip and validity of 5-15 years (and not 30 years or in perpetuity, as it is now). Will also add a new category — the driver of the motorcycle and the driver three-wheeled vehicles.