100 days before Ukraine broke a new record in gas reserves for the winter

The stores already have the same amount of gas as the beginning of the last heating season

As of July 27, 2020 underground gas storages in Ukraine, which is already preparing for the heating season, contained 21.8 billion cubic meters of gas. About this site “Today” reported the press service of the state company “the Operator of the Ukrainian GTS”.

“It was such an active volume of gas in underground storage last year for the end of the injection season in November. This year this level is reached at 100 days earlier. As of August 1, 2019 in underground storage remained 15.9 billion cubic meters of blue fuel. This year indicators of gas injection is a record for domestic UGS” – calculated in the company.

Ukraine has gas records: the import and stocks rose sharply, and transit fell

“The operator GTS” expects that by the beginning of the season selection of Ukrainian underground gas storages are filled with approximately 25.5-26.5 billion cubic meters This will mean that the volume of gas in underground storage facilities by the beginning of the heating season to be 20% more than last year.

“At these results, the injection season will be the most productive in the history of Ukrainian gas storage”, – consider in “Operator GTS”.

Recall that the injection of gas reserves for the winter in underground storage facilities Ukraine has started March 11. As clarified earlier, the General Director of the company “operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon, for the passage of the next heating season Ukraine would be enough for about 18 billion cubic meters of gas in underground storage facilities.

By the way, the USA consider possibility of creation in Ukraine of a gas hub. In the case of the project the United States intends to put its liquefied natural gas to Europe, including via Ukraine. Details in the video: