Herbst told what Tillerson will arrive in Ukraine

His visit to Kyiv on 9 July, gossekretar USA Rex Tillerson will begin with statements about support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, but then begin to probe the parameters of a possible transaction. This “Today” said former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst.

Rex Tillerson will arrive in Ukraine immediately after the G20 summit in Hamburg, where, according to forecasts John Herbst, will be dominated by three issues: the future of the Paris climate agreement, the international trade in light of the trade policy of the Administration of the tramp, and initiative trump – North Korea.

According to the diplomat, Rex Tillerson partly depends on what a President trump would say in Warsaw and, in particular, during the bilateral meeting, trump and Putin. “If the President trump confirms article 5 (of the NATO Charter, under which an attack on one member country of the Alliance is considered an attack on the entire Alliance – Ed.) and/or will be perceived as “weak” during his meeting with Putin, Secretary of state Tillerson have to give a lot of good encouraging statements in Kiev. If not, Tillerson will have its own agenda for discussion with our Ukrainian colleagues,” said Herbst.

Former U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine believes that the Secretary of state is responsible for the management of the crisis in Ukraine by Moscow’s aggression in the Donbas. “He’ll probably start (visit – Ed.) with support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, but then begin to probe the parameters of a possible transaction. Like any negotiator, the Secretary of state would like to see flexibility on each side (Ukraine and Russia – Ed.) to increase your chances of the ability to make a deal. But he realizes that Russia is waging war in Ukraine and Kiev should not be forced to abandon the prerogatives of sovereignty in exchange for the pacification of the aggressor. For President Poroshenko and foreign Minister Klimkin will be very important to clearly state “red lines”. Bankova also need to organize a meeting between Secretary of state Tillerson with speaker Parubiy and key MPs. The Secretary of state Tillerson needs to understand the policy of Ukraine in the war,” concluded Herbst.

We will remind, today the President of the United States Donald trump is with official visit in Poland. There he will meet with President Andrzej Duda, will participate in the summit of heads of state of Marmora countries located in the region between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas. It will also make the first after the inauguration of the US President’s public speech in Europe at Warsaw’s Krasinski square.

As the head of the Cabinet of the Polish leader Krzysztof Sercice, it will focus on security issues, relations with Europe, and the Polish-American cooperation. The future speech trump in Poland called “policy statement regarding the foreign policy of the United States” and “appeal to the European people.”

Tomorrow on the 7th of July in Hamburg starts a two-day summit of “Big twenty”, where it is expected the first meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia. Immediately after the summit on 9 July the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will arrive with official visit to Ukraine.