Nobel prize winners against the program of marine Le Pen

In an article in the newspaper Le Monde the winners of the prestigious award, including Joseph Stiglitz and Jean Tirol, in favor of Europe and a single currency.

Some of us, Nobel prize laureates in Economics, quoted the presidential candidates of France and in particular marine Le Pen with supporters, as confirmation of the political agenda on European issues. Have undersigned experts have different views on the difficult themes of monetary Union and economic recovery. Anyway, we unanimously condemn the use of economic thought as a tool within the French electoral campaign.

— The process of European construction is extremely important not only to preserve peace on the continent, but also for the economic development of member States and their political influence in the world.

— A proposed anti-European programs change can destabilize France and to question the cooperation of European countries, which today provides economic and political stability in Europe.

— Isolationist and protectionist policies and competitive devaluation at the expense of other countries is a dangerous means of formation of economic growth. They entail retaliatory measures and trade wars. Eventually they will have a detrimental effect on France and its trading partners.

— If the migrants are effectively integrated in the labour market, they can open new economic opportunities for their adopted country. Some of the most prosperous countries in the world were able to accept and integrate migrants.

— There is a big difference between the decision initially not to join the Euro and abandon the Euro after the adoption.

— It is necessary to confirm commitments in the field of social justice, to safeguard and promote social welfare in accordance with traditional French values of liberty, equality and fraternity. Anyway, this social protection should be and can be no protectionism in the economy.

Today Europe and the world face unprecedented challenges, therefore we need more, not less, solidarity. The problems are too serious to give them to the mercy of politicians, divisive.


Angus Deaton (Angus Deaton), Peter Diamond (Peter Diamond), Robert Engle (Robert Engle), Eugene Fama (Eugene Fama), Lars Hansen (Lars Hansen), Oliver HART (Oliver Hart), Khol’mstrem Bengt (Bengt Holmström), Daniel Kahneman (Daniel Kahneman), Finn Kydland (Finn Kydland), Eric Maskin (Eric Maskin), Daniel McFadden (Daniel McFadden), James Mirrlees (Mirrlees James), Robert Mundell (Robert Mundell), Roger Myerson (Roger Myerson), Edmund Phelps (Edmund Phelps), Chris Pissarides (Chris Pissarides), Alvin Roth (Alvin Roth), Amartya Sen (Amartya Sen), William Sharp (William Sharpe), Robert Schiller (Robert Shiller), Christopher Sims (Christopher Sims), Robert Solow (Robert Solow), Michael Spence (Michael Spence), Joseph Stiglitz (Joseph Stiglitz), Jean Tyrol (Jean Tirole).