Scientists have found an unexpected cause of low wages in women

American psychologists have come to the unexpected conclusion that having brothers women earn less.

Having brothers can women count on significantly less income than those who have only sisters, and those who is the only child in the family. To this amazing conclusion, researchers from Cornell University. Based on the large amount of information, they found that the presence of a brother reduces the income of his sisters by about 10% at age 25 to 35 years. If a woman has no brothers, then her income will be approximately 5% less than men.

This difference in income is likely due to the fact that having brothers women focus more on his family, which remains their main priority. The same women who have sisters or don’t have anyone stronger focus on career. Finally, the presence of the brothers, according to psychologists, most adjusts of women at the birth of children.


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The psychologists have ruled out other factors that can influence earnings, including parental income and their expenditure on children’s education, cognitive ability, expectations of parents and some personality traits of women. Although the difference in wages between men and women is constantly decreasing in many parts of our planet, in some countries this question is not too impressive. For example, working full-time women in the UK earn 13.9% less than men. Experts estimate that at the current rate of equalization of income in order to women’s wages caught up with men, women living in the UK will take another 62 years.