Strange and unusual bills to the Verkhovna Rada: mobing and the right to strike

A little over a month left to relax our elected representatives — 5 September they will open the seventh session of the Verkhovna Rada. The to-do list for the fall MPs not easy: on their conscience — failed at the previous session, medical, land and school reform, as well as the second reading of the pension. But, in addition to important bills, in the list there was the most unexpected initiative.

Of course, the first place among the odious initiatives is the recent proposal to allow members to read the prayer “our father” after the opening of each plenary session. The right to do so from the podium offering to give the leader of the largest faction (now BPP) and while the document is under discussion in the rules Committee.


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But that’s not the only way members want to change the lives of colleagues. For example, opponents of medical reform has registered a bill according to which all parliamentarians who supported the reform, and their families have over 10 years serviced only in gostinicah in the country. This document is also on the Committee.

Also, the MPs continue to Snitch on each other: the Parliament website is teeming with projects to establish a working group for the study of certain parliamentary scandals in the media.

Often people’s deputies propose to define at the legislative level, the whole concept, such as “creative industries” or “mobing”. This means psychological harassment of employees in the team and Manager even have to compensate moral damages and to pay for the treatment if the victim will fall into a depression.

You can meet and innocuous sentence: do not rename, and “lead in accordance with the rules of Ukrainian orthography” city of Severodonetsk — already pending under the dome, his new name Siverskodonetsk.

They also put forward socially sensitive and controversial proposals. Among them is the initiative to give the right of doctors to refuse abortions for reasons of conscience, and the provision of transport the right to strike (now civil servants can’t do).

Experts are sure that such laws are often just used for PR. “Few countries in the world where the legislative initiative an individual has (usually fractions). This is done to avoid such legal spam, because with the help of his deputies make around noise and resonance, — said political analyst Vadim Karasev. — Secondly, absurd bills often appear to create the illusion of BP: when the fail important reforms, accept anything”.

Flirting with trump and Euro Kropiwnicki

The Committee of voters of Ukraine sent a request to the Verkhovna Rada and find out what bills are filed they refused to even register.

So, the leaders of the list came as a draft resolution of Parliament on the appeal to the newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump is a call to perceive and condemn the offensive remarks against him by some politicians in Ukraine. Expected registration of the document was denied, citing “unforeseen political consequences”.

Also did not want to register the proposal by the former Kirovohrad officials to postpone the renaming of the city of Kirovohrad (he later became Kropiwnicki) until the law ratifies the agreement on Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.

Also do not fall under the dome of the Verkhovna Rada the initiative of a group of people’s deputies-members to recognize the work of law enforcement officials of the country’s poor. The draft legislation has not yet been registered, because the Parliament was the proposal for dismissal of heads of security service and interior Ministry.