The song “Stayin’ Alive” was allowed to use for cardiac massage

Medical schools in Germany can include the song Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees and not be afraid for the rights. Society for administration of rights for the public performance of music (GEMA) to allow the institutions are free to put the song in the classroom, – TJ.

To request the use of hit for medical purposes addressed to the German MP Roy Kuehne (Kühne Roy). In the organization told him that the audition song in front of 30 students is not considered public and therefore not violating copyright.

In the management stressed that the free use is only allowed on the school premises. According to the Deputy, pupils need to tune in the desired rhythm while training emergency cardiac massage.

In addition to Stayin’ Alive in the German institutions recommended the inclusion of Yellow Submarine song of the Beatles, Like a Prayer Madonna and Highway to Hell AC/DC. The last song, whose title translates as “the Road to hell”, as noted by Kuhn, it is better not to bet because of not a very suitable text.

Successful procedure help songs to help maintain the rhythm of 100 beats per minute. In 2008, scientists-cardiologists found that the composition of Bee Gees tunes on a massage with 103 strokes. From Highway to Hell the result slightly higher — 120 beats.

In 2012, the organization British Heart Foundation has published a social movie, which actor Vinnie Jones has told how to correctly perform compressions to Stayin’ Alive.