How to store apples in the fall and winter: best ways

Apples are probably the most popular in Ukraine fruit. Experienced growers have learned to store them until late autumn or even until the next harvest. But not all of us know how to do it correctly.


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The website “Today” offers you the best ways to keep apples for a long time:

  • On storing be sure to take the apples without mechanical damage, not affected by pests and diseases. Right after pluck the fruit from the tree, put them in a cool room. It is best to store these fruits in basements with white-washed walls. In damp cellars need to lay down ground limestone or potassium chloride they will absorb the excess moisture.
  • Remember, the better preserved the fruit is medium in size. Little stronger fade, and large – are often affected by various diseases.
  • Apples most varieties need to be stored at the temperature from zero to plus one degree.
  • The fruit must be dry, so it’s good to remove them on Sunny days. Fruits can be kept on racks at a temperature of three degrees at a height of 25-30 centimeters from the floor or in drawers, boxes, plastic bags with a capacity of 1.5-3 kilograms. Also remember, the specialists do not recommend to store apples of different varieties in one box.
  • Avoid sudden temperature fluctuations in the vault to the fruit is not spoiled. The relative humidity should be between 90-95 percent. If it is lower, the fruits with a thin skin and a waxy bloom weak fade quickly.
  • Many growers store apples wrapped in parchment or impregnated with liquid paraffin paper, interbedded thin shavings of poplar, Linden, aspen or other trees with soft wood. Although it is best to put these materials on the bottom of the box.
  • Try as little as possible to touch the fruit. Enough to slightly injure the skin or even remove Apple wax coating, to destroy a healthy fetus. Experts suggest the fruit to take up twice: when removed from the tree and when you get to eat.
  • Often inquire into the cellar to throw away spoiled fruit.

By following these rules, you will easily be able to wait for the new crop with apples from his garden.