Dollars in exchange is complete, and the Ukrainians are buying euros

For two weeks the national currency has steadily strengthened. “Today” has learned, what is this positive trend, and what amount of dollars or euros possible to buy in exchange.

In the first exchange there was no queue. There we were told that they can buy $1000. The question of how long this amount will be available, he replied: “an hour may not be.” Here, one dollar was worth UAH of 26.30.

The same situation was observed in two exchangers the American currency available. A thousand “green” we were ready to sell without any hitches. We decided to “up the ante” and ask them to sell $5000. More recently, in Ukraine there were severe restrictions on the purchase amount, purchase currency at a time was only 12 thousand UAH (now — 150 thousand UAH), so our appetites caused some surprise. But almost everywhere this amount was available. In a single exchange has offered to prepare the order within three hours. For example, when we in the exchanger on the campus
was bought for $5000, after that the item left only $2000. Another $3000, we were offered quickly to bring under the order.

The average exchange rate 26,35 UAH/$. The best suggestion we found — 26,28, the highest purchase price of the American currency — 26,45. Curiously, the closer the exchanger was located to the metro or to the place of brisk trade, the higher was the rate. But almost no matter the proximity exchange to the city center — there, and in the suburbs found a different course. It should be noted that in banks the exchange rate is much higher — in some tabloids, the price for the purchase of dollars is almost UAH 27. The disadvantage of a small exchange was the lack of small bills, almost everywhere there was only hundreds.

According to our observations, people do not hurry to change the hryvnia for foreign currency, despite the steady fall of the dollar. The queues in the exchange offices was virtually no. But employees of the paragraphs noted that by the end of the day willing to exchange the hryvnia for dollars or euros are always more. Also, we noticed that now Ukrainians are increasingly buying the eurocurrency and small amounts 100-400 euros. If the dollar has traditionally been for people investing for protection against inflation, the Euro is now a take with an eye on a foreign voyage. “Now, of course, it is profitable to buy dollars and euros, but personally I’m more interested in Euro — shared with “Today” capital Manager Elena Mikheeva. — So I’m preparing for bezveze: with each paycheck, buy some euros, were to go on a journey.”

“In August there will be growth”. Director of the International Fund blazer Oleg Ustenko notes that the strengthening of the hryvnia is still burdened with financial assistance of our Western partners — the IMF ($1 billion) and the EU (600 million euros). In addition, in his opinion, this contributes to a favorable environment for Ukrainian goods on foreign market. “Finally, the population is now actively selling the currency,” — emphasizes the expert. In turn, the managing Director of a commercial Bank Igor Lvov said, now the country went to the currency gain of the Eurovision song contest: “In the next month or two the rate will be at 26 UAH/$. Although it could drop below — NBU does not allow him to go lower, buying dollars to replenish reserves. But we must remember about the two documents — the Memorandum with the IMF and the law on the state budget, which registered average annual dollar exchange rate at the level of 27.2 UAH/$. This means that the Bank will raise the rate around the end of August and will end the year with a rate of 27.3 is 27.5”.