Netanyahu vowed a “powerful response” to the attacks from the Gaza strip

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that he would not leave without a strong response, even a “single shots” of the Gaza strip.

On Monday, Palestinian militants fired a rocket at southern Israel, and then fired at a group of soldiers on the border of the enclave. The Israelis in response, the involved tanks and aircraft for strikes on the positions of the paramilitaries of the ruling in Gaza, Hamas.

“Today, Israel under fire from Gaza. Our policy is clear: if we shoot, we respond with heavy fire. There is no such “single shots” in our direction, without our response,” Netanyahu said in the video, which he posted on his page in social network Facebook.

The entry was probably made during his stay premiere in London, where he met his British counterpart Theresa may and foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

“Our policy is clear. I hope it is clear to Hamas,” said Netanyahu.

The blame for the attacks from the Gaza strip Israel traditionally holds Hamas, requiring it to ensure compliance with all Palestinian factions to the truce, which operates the last two and a half years.

According to the military, attacks from land and air for the day has undergone eight positions used by Hamas militants, in different areas of the enclave. Reports of casualties in the exchange of blows has not been received.