Inhabitants of Nikolaev blocked the road because of the debt on a salary is 45 million UAH

About 200 residents of Nikolaev butts tonight blocked the road in the city centre. Employees of the shipyard said that the company owes them salaries for three years and the General debt to workers is about 45 million UAH.

At first, people gathered for a rally under Nikolaev yeah, and wanted to discuss his problem with the Governor or his deputies, however, was that the tail region went on a business trip in Kiev, and his assistant didn’t pay enough attention to, so the workers decided to block the Pushkinskaya street and Central Avenue.

Angry workers went on the crosswalk, do not let the transport pass and did not respond to requests for cops to clear the road from the town centre the big stopper was formed.

Then people arrived the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich, which encouraged people to work together to write an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers to solve the problem. “Tomorrow the city Council will be a meeting of the working group”, — assured the people Sienkiewicz. After that, the workers calmed down and dispersed.

We will remind, in Poltava region the villagers themselves make the road.