Ukraine has imposed sanctions against companies from Russia

The Ministry of economic development and trade (MEDT) of Ukraine imposed new economic sanctions against several Russian companies-suppliers of mineral fertilizers.

So, under the sanction of the Ministry were companies of EuroChem group:

  • MCC EuroChem;
  • Agrotsentr Evrokhim-Lipetsk.
  • Agrocenter EuroChem-Orel;
  • Agrotsentr Evrokhim-Nevinnomyssk;
  • EuroChem Trading Rus;
  • Agrocenter EuroChem-Krasnodar;
  • Agrotsentr Evrokhim-Volgograd;
  • Nevinnomysskiy Azot;
  • Novomoskovskaya joint-stock company “Nitrogen”.


  • The lifting of sanctions against Russia will be the aim of Bulgaria

The Ministry has also imposed sanctions against several other companies from Russia:

  • Galaxy;
  • Balttreydkhim;
  • Rusagrokhim;
  • Society of farm support;
  • Agrokhimuniversal;
  • Tandem;
  • Agrotsentr-Belgorod;
  • Agro-chemicals;
  • Bones;
  • Agrokhimuniversal;
  • Agrokhimtsentr-Tambov;
  • South-Biznespartner;
  • Zarayskaya Selkhozkhimiya;
  • Yugagrokhim;
  • Agrarian;
  • Zelinkagasse;
  • Raganarok.

The sanctions include the suspension of foreign economic activity of these subjects. They introduced the idea of the main military Prosecutor Prosecutor General of Ukraine.