Slava Rabinovich: Putin has suffered two military defeats, coming third

Russia will answer for the crimes in Syria of the crime – the international community started talking about new sanctions. This was written in Facebook by the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich.

He noted that Russia has already paid the price for invading Ukraine and Syria, and now on the approach to new sanctions over the Syrian conflict.

“Vladimir Putin has lost two wars in two years. The international terrorist and war criminal Putin received two full crushing military defeat in just two years. But God loves a Trinity. We’ll wait. We know that follows a military defeat in Russian history. For each of their war crimes Putin and his organized criminal group (organized crime – ed.) get international sanctions. For each. And now new sanctions on the way for their war crimes in Syria,” wrote Rabinowitz.

According to him, now the Russian people are fully paying for the actions of the Russian leadership against Ukraine, in particular the collapse of the economy, the toxicity of the financial markets, devaluation of ruble and impoverishment of the people.

“For Ukraine and “Boeing” (Malaysian airlines MH17 – ed.) the Russian people paid a 50% devaluation of the ruble. This devaluation is nothing but a 50-percent tax on the international purchasing power of the population, which still have not learned to build a normal car. Yes there cars! Simple screwdrivers and axes are imported to Russia from China. For dollars. Putin and his gang drew out of the pockets of Russian population to 50% on every dollar earned. It was payback for the first Russian Ukrainian war and war crimes of Putin”, – said the financier.

Rabinowitz added that the second Syrian war, and for war crimes already on it, Russia has yet to pay.