Scientists have discovered an incredible way to increase the result of any diet at times

If you have been trying to lose weight and to do this constantly dieting, you might want to take a break. A key to losing weight, and saving the result, the researchers from the University of Tasmania (University of Tasmania) it is called the between limitations in food, writes

Of course, this does not mean that diet is completely useless, but in combination with the rest periods they are much better.


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The study involved two groups of men suffering from obesity. And the one and the other group the number of calories in the diet has reduced by a third at 16 weeks, but the first group is strictly limited to eating 16 weeks in a row, and the second is 30 weeks, taking breaks in the format of “two in two weeks”. Within two weeks, men from the second group dieted, then two weeks ate so as not to lose weight but to keep the weight stable, and then “sit” on a diet. As a result, in this group, the participants not only lost a greater amount of weight, but also gained less weight after the end of the study.

After the examination, which was held six months later, it was found that, on average, in the second group of people shed eighteen pounds more than the first, and maintained this weight.