Coffee League: a recipe from the winners of international and Ukrainian competitions

Recently held in Kyiv Kyiv Coffee Festival 3.0, which brought together thousands of coffee drinkers, coffee roasters, representatives of cafes, professional baristas and certified judges. We visited the event and we managed to learn the secrets of delicious coffee in cezve from the world champion in his trade and also receive an exclusive recipe from the champion of Ukraine.


Stavros Lambrinidis this year in the Ukrainian championship was the main judge. In 2014, he won the World championship brewing coffee cezve in the context of the World of Coffee. Then he won with a recipe coffee, which is made on the water infused with rose petals, with the addition of Turkish delight. The exact proportions he keeps secret, but tips on how to brew coffee in Turku, close to be called a coffee champion, he with “Today” still shared.

WATER. It should be soft, with minimal mineralization.

COFFEE. Only freshly roasted, feels like dust. Stavros exclusively drinking Speciality Coffee from Ethiopia and Panama (it consists only of selected varieties of Arabica beans grown at an altitude higher than 1000 m).

POTS. Very important material from which it is made. Perfect for Stavros Turk of copper with a thickness of ≈ 1.5 mm. the metal has high thermal conductivity, a well and warms up quickly throughout the area. Since oxide of copper dissolves in water and can spoil not only the taste of coffee, but also poses a threat to health, the inside of the pots should be covered with a thin layer of food-grade tin. And, of course, on the size of the pots. The best is that which makes one Cup of coffee in a small cezve coffee is the most aromatic and most delicious. Stavros advises to use 7G of ground coffee in 60 ml of water at room temperature.

The judge and the winner. Stavros, together with the champion of Ukraine


This year the champion of Ukraine for the preparation of coffee in cezve was Anna Podolyak from Kiev. Now the girl will defend the honor of Ukraine in the world coffee championship in Budapest from 13 to 15 June. She shared with us a recipe of coffee, which brought her victory.

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

  • Coffee 9 g
  • Cocoa 3 g
  • Water 80 ml
  • Ginseng Oolong tea 5 g
  • Osmanthus flowers 1 g
  • Dried coffee flower 1 g
  • The nectar of dandelions 3 g

Preparation (10 minutes):

Brew coffee in a cezve with adding of ground cocoa beans. Brew tea on the basis of a ginseng Oolong tea, osmanthus flowers and dried flower coffee. And coffee, tea and refrigerate. On the bottom of the glass pour the nectar of dandelions. Add the tea, then coffee, pre-filtered via aeropress.

Anna Podolyak with the prize