What food will “protect” the liver and brain from alcohol

A series of experiments American researchers ended their verdict is that the components of tomatoes protect the liver and the human brain related to alcohol damage. In particular, a strong protective capacity, the scientists found tomato powder, according to medikforum.ru.

The authors of the experiments involving animals were members of Fremantle and tufts University school of nutrition. Lab rats, having consumed alcohol in such a quantity that is consistent with chronic alcoholism in people gave substances from tomatoes in different types. In particular, the rodents received separate groups of purified lycopene, tomato powder and tomato paste.


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The experiment lasted four weeks. The results showed that tomato powder (equivalent to nutrient content of one medium-sized tomato) is able to effectively protect internal organs from alcohol damage. Its protective effect was detected in more than 90% of rats.

The scientists also noted that the use of these tomatoes, too, can bring the desired benefits to the body lovers of strong drinks.