The best foods to improve liver function

The liver is the filter for our body. It constantly protects us from harmful substances that enter along with food. To protect this body from so many negative factors and help the body to remain “operational” for a long time, the products combine pleasant with useful reports


  • What kind of food tones and invigorates better coffee

So, below we wrote about the best foods to improve liver function:

  • Pumpkin

Little-known vitamin T (or carnitine) is contained in the pumpkin. It helps heavy and fatty foods to be absorbed easier and in turn facilitates the liver in this regard. The pumpkin can be eaten separately, bake in the oven (by the way, a great replacement option sweet). But it is also suitable as a side dish to beef and pork.

  • Kelp

Easier – seaweed. It contains alginic acid. It is also called the heat exchanger of harmful substances. Alginates bind the salts of heavy metals and thus help the liver to cleanse the body from harmful substances.

  • Dairy products

“Milk” promotes the growth of healthy microflora in the gut, and the excretion of toxins. Therefore, dairy products are also a kind of helper of the liver. It is better to give preference to yogurt, low-fat yogurt or yogurt without sweet additives.

  • Dried apricots

Experts have found that eating dried apricots in the diet reduces the possibility of liver cancer. Therefore, the dried apricot is a must in our diet. Four pieces is enough to get all the nutrients out of the product and does not harm the body.

  • Olive oil

In olive oil contains vitamin E. Vitamin protects the body from free radicals. This substance is formed under the influence of, in particular, sunlight, cigarette smoke and radiation. Just the influence of these substances is fighting our liver. Therefore, olive oil – will help to “cope” on the job.