Audit Luke stealth is an important element of the renovation

Together with the concept of renovation came into use also new, previously unused building materials. One of them is drywall. This is the best way to align the walls, making the necessary partitions or quaint arches during the transition from room to room.

Euro access panels or hatches auditing invisible is the eternal assistant of drywall in modern interiors. The Euro access panels they start calling just because of the mass use of the term “renovation.” Their main purpose is to hide the internal audit openings with different engineering units.

These designs are practically invisible on the surface, which are mounted in. On the paint or the Wallpaper is barely visible strip around the perimeter. Handles – absolutely no, all audit hatches under painting have pressure design, which leads to their discovery only light touch, without the use of additional funds.

Usually, there are a number of standard sizes of manhole under auditing standard openings. But if the size of the opening different from the traditional range of skylights can be manufactured to order, taking into account the desired dimensions.

Their design is quite simple, but it is thought through and considered all the nuances that provide easy access to the opening and, at the same time, careful masking of engineering units.

Originally used in Ukraine only hatches Knauf, but the domestic industry is in step with the times, and now entered the market by Ukrainian producers. Their products are not inferior quality imports, and the price is significantly lower. To the consumer stood pressing question – why pay more when you can buy almost the same, but at a much lower price?

Inspection glasses there are several versions – depending on the application. If necessary, the consultants of the company where you buy this design, explain in detail all the nuances associated with the technical side of the issue, and recommend the most optimal variant of Euroluce.

The quality and design of modern repairs have already proved that the audit covers the necessary, related to any quality repair, design, reliably performing their functions.