A person’s mood can be determined by typing on the keyboard

Leading experts from Bangladesh has created a unique computer program to detect human emotions using, in this case, the text to print, reports med2.ru.

It is noted that during the first phase of the experiment, scientists asked a group of respondents consisting of 25 volunteers, to reprint two paragraphs from a literary work called “Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll. It is reported that all study participants had to focus on any one emotion existing at the time of task execution.


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Among the main senses, reflecting the state of the respondents, the experts called joy, anger, disgust, shame, sadness or guilt. In the case that pronounced symptoms were absent, the subjects could choose the option of apathy and fatigue. After this, the researchers compared the data of emotions with the force and speed of pressing keys on the keyboard. During the second part of the experiment, the volunteers used technology device in normal mode.

The results of both laboratory experiments have shown that there are as many as 19 parameters that can somehow indicate the emotional state. It turned out that precisely the program captures the joy (87%) and anger (81 percent of cases).