Money for the subsidy again is not enough: what will happen to subsidence in the winter and why again the problem with the “discounts”

This winter subsidies in Ukraine will get nine of the 15 million families, predict in the Ministry of social policy. Now the national average every other consumer and public services grantee. Originally in the budget for grants has provided 47 billion, but this money is not enough. A few months ago, additionally for utility rebates allocated UAH 14 billion. But after that, says the representative of the parliamentary Committee Alyona Babak, funds are not enough. Now the Cabinet proposes Parliament to make amendments in the bill and not to penalize the utility providers for the debts formed till January 2018.

The state does not compensate the utility providers their costs subsidianes, to pay “Naftogaz” to them anyway. Most businesses for heating water and generating heat using the gas that was bought at the state monopoly. In terms of when payments for grants are detained for six months, all funds raised must be given for gas. Money for modernization and preparation for the heating season can not stay, says the coordinator of housing programs of “OPORA” Tatiana Boyko. The website “Today” found out why in Ukraine is not enough money for “utility rebates” and that waiting for subsidianes during the heating season.

How much are subsidies

Ideally, the money for subsidianes utility providers must obtain with a delay of one month. As said Tatiana Boyko, this year the money was delayed by seven months. In such circumstances, all the funds collected, the suppliers had to give “Naftogaz” for the consumed heat. “In some houses turned off the elevators, at the wrong time garbage collection. Municipal enterprise was in a catastrophic situation,” – said the expert.

“In some houses turned off the elevators, at the wrong time garbage collection. Municipal enterprise was in a catastrophic situation,” – said the expert.

The reason for the delay – the budget ran out of money. In 2017, the subsidies planned to spend 47 billion hryvnia. A few months ago has made changes in the budget added a further 14 billion. In addition, about 10 billion returned to the budget. This is the money that is saved subsidiaty. But after reviewing the budget, experts believe, money is still not enough. Member of the parliamentary Committee Alyona Babak confirms for grants this year is really not enough money. Exactly how much you will have to spend exactly I can say only the Ministry of social policy. There’s still a few months ago promised to calculate, but the numbers didn’t sound.

By the way, the government, according to regulation 558-R dated 18 August this year, reallocated 2.4 billion UAH is allocated to cover debt on subsidies. The amount of subvention to Kiev decreased by 1.5 billion hryvnias, and for Kiev, Kherson and Poltava regions decreased by 1.8 billion. Just signed the protocols of 60.3 billion, and allocated limits 61,1 billion.

Meanwhile, just a few years, the number of recipients of subsidies in Ukraine has increased 20 times. So, in 2014, the grant was issued 450 thousand people. According to state statistics, in March this year, at the end of the heating season, the program grants covered 43.6% of households. Even now, the Sumy and Ternopil regions receive a discount of more than 60% of local residents. Fewer discounts in the Odessa region and Kiev – 16.3 and 26.7% respectively.

Officials predict that the number of recipients of grants in Ukraine will be reduced. First, the period of sharp growth of tariffs for communal is behind us, and secondly, incomes of Ukrainians increased, says Director of the Department of public social assistance Minsotspolitiki Vitaly muzichenko. Last year, the Department said: 40% of formally employed receive the minimum wage. And they all had the right to apply for “public promotion”. During this time the minimum salary was doubled.

Why subsidianes have to pay more

Over the past few months in Ukraine have reduced the social norms of consumption for heating and gas. The subsidy is calculated on the ratio, so the Ukrainians subsidies will have this heating season either to save or to pay more.

For example, in the past heating season, the subsidy covers 330 cubic meters of gas for heating an apartment of 60 square meters, in the next heating season “utilities discount” will charge only 300 cubic meters. If we continue to burn 330 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters have to pay without subsidies. According to the current rate is still 204 hryvnia.

In the apartment of the same area with Central heating grant will cover instead of 3.28 is only 2.5 Gcal of heat. If you do not reduce consumption, 0,7 Gcal will have to pay without subsidies. In Kiev, this amount of heat will cost about 1411 USD.



  • From 5.5 to 5 cubic meters of gas per square meter
  • From 65 to 51 kWh of electricity (if electric heating)
  • With 0,0548 to 0,0431 Gcal of heat (if the Central heating)


  • If there is only a gas stove:
  • From 4.4 to 3.3 cubic meters of gas per person
  • If there is a gas stove and no hot water:
  • From 7.1 to 5.4 cubic meters per person
  • If there are gas stove and gas water heater:
  • From 14 to 10.5 cubic metres per person

“This will lead to the reduction of subsidies. Social norms are reduced, and the subsidy covers only social norms. In addition, it will lead to growth of payment. Something to cover the subsidy, and the rest people have to pay themselves,” – said the “Today” expert in the field of energy Valentin Zemlyansky.

In addition, the Cabinet reviewed the duration of the heating season. The Ukrainians, who use the Central heating, will receive subsidies for heat after the decision of local authorities about the start of the heating season. But those who self-heats a house or apartment, the heating season reduced to one month. If earlier the subsidy was accrued from October 1 to April 30, this year discount will accrue from October 15 to April 15. If you start flushing early – used for heating cubic meters of gas or kWh of electricity will have to pay.