Sytnik told about the investigation of illegal actions of the NBU

Specific names involved in the embezzlement of funds allocated for refinancing of banks should be named as soon as possible, the Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Sytnyk.

“It is very difficult to predict when there will be specific names… We say that today there is investigation, there are facts that can be verified…. some of the documents we have seized during the investigation, a part of trying to withdraw, including by filing an international legal orders”,- said Sytnik in the air “5 channel”.

He stressed that prompt implementation of international legal orders will influence the timing of the investigation.

According to Sytnik, the fact that the search NABOO to advertise wanted. Also the Director of the NAB believes that this investigation is a lot of manipulation.

“Due to this situation, with these manipulations, we must give a final answer to the question of how involved someone from the Bank, and if it was, who it”,- said the Director of it.

Sytnik added that during a search of the NBU detectives “have not met resistance, de jure it was a search, and de facto simply the seizure of documents”.

Earlier, the detectives NAB, together with Nicolicea spent seizure of documents in the National Bank. According to the NEB, investigative actions take place within investigation of criminal proceedings on the facts of abuse by officials of the NBU as its official position.