What do men associate sex: scientists have found incredible response

Scientists from new York University came to the conclusion that sexual behavior and aggression are controlled by the same brain cells from male mice. The discovery suggests that rodents are more likely to be more aggressive before intercourse. At the same time, females have nothing of the sort scientists have found.

The results of this experiment are presented in the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience.

In 2011, American scientists studied a region of the rodent brain called the hypothalamus responsible for the regulation of various behaviors. They found a number of cells in this region have male mice that controlled how aggressive and sexual behavior. When these cells were “inactive” animals are not mated and did not show aggression. However, both behaviors re-emerged, it was worth the scientists to stimulate the cells.


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The researchers say that the studied brain areas of mice is quite similar to that of humans. However, they do not know whether the opening to correlate with human behavior.

“Such areas are present in birds, crocodiles and monkeys. There is no reason to think humans are unique”, – the authors of the experiments.