PrimeBroker invested in group companies PrivateFX

Last week the Forex market was a huge event. Innovative company PrimeBroker was acquired by group PrivateFX is the fastest growing Forex company. Analysts of the magazine “market Leader” decided to answer mnogochislennye questions as to why was this decision taken and what will be the result of its adoption.

The key objective of PrimeBroker to strengthen PrivateFX.

Many perceive the processes of absorption and merger as a new way to solve problems for companies that are not in the best financial position, however, when it comes to on PrivateFX and PrimeBroker, you should understand that the point is totally different, experts say.

Analysts PrimeBroker, objectively assessing the current financial condition of the company PrivateFX, did not the slightest hint of the existence of any problems. At the time of sale of the company, it took a fairly large share of the market. Moreover, forecasts of development of the company was more than optimistic, many predicted her great future.

The assets of PrivateFX global market is determined by three major points:

  • Some of the best technologies on the market;
  • Some of the best conditions for investment and trade;
  • Some of the best professionals.
  • Experts of a high class was established a kind of investment platform that includes the account “Active investor”, PAMM indices with leverage. It is the professionalism of the managers of the company have provided the best market conditions to trade and investment. The result of this is the interest in the company from the successful traders who want to try their hand in the process of managing other people’s money.

    PrivateFX gathers for a more professional managing traders. At the same time, the company offers a variety of innovative business developments that open new possibilities not only for managers but also for investors.

    In a relatively short period of time PrivateFX managed to attract more than hundreds of professional traders. The total investment in the accounts of the most successful traders estimated amounts significantly in excess of millions of dollars. The most popular investment products are PAMM accounts, PAMM indexes, as well as unique accounts “Active investor” that can only be used by clients of the company PrivateFX.

    The success of the broker also did not go unnoticed:

    in September of last year the group of companies PrivateFX became the General sponsor of the 17th international investment show, which was held in Guangzhou. In accordance with the results of the exhibition, the company received the prestigious award in the nomination “Best investment product”.