“A flexible mind”: how to think outside the box

Molecular biologist, PhD, lecturer and consultant on leadership, creativity and innovation Estanislao Bakhrakh wrote the book “Flexible mind” (published by MYTH) for those who want to become more creative and keep a clear mind to old age. He tried to figure out how a human brain works.

Until recently, scientists believed that the development of creative abilities of adults is impossible, and that neurons and synapses that are not used for a long time can not be recovered. The good news: this assumption has been scientifically refuted,” says the author.

“A flexible mind”. Photo: mann-ivanov-ferber.ru.

Here are some useful quotes from the book:


“It seems that creativity arises like magic, but now we are close to understanding this mechanism, and the deeper it is, the more we will reveal to your potential.”

The inevitable dreams:

“Many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then improbable, and then, when we have made all efforts, become inevitable.”


“Ideas can come at any time, but most often it occurs when we are relaxed”.


“If the problem was a living creature, whoever she was? Draw it. Think of what her past is and what can be the future reincarnation”.


“The written formulation of creative tasks may itself cause the generation of ideas in your brain. You need to write”.


“Creativity takes incredible pleasure no matter where and when you will find a use for it. Doing, we feel fine.”