Russia and Germany satisfied with Poland, a new Locarno Russia, according to press reports, does not intend to share with NATO with information on the conduct of military exercises. Meanwhile, this year in Belarus, including those adjacent to the territories of Poland, will be held large-scale maneuvers “West-2017”. Do we have cause for alarm?


Czarnecki Ryszard (Ryszard drew Mego): This is another element of psychological warfare. Russia, which found itself in a difficult economic situation, have been flexing their muscles. She’s doing this on purpose, trying to apply a signal to the West that it remains strong and will continue directly and indirectly to intimidate its closest and more remote neighbours. Moscow says: you should fear me more than before. So I understand that, although, of course, should be taken into account and the most extreme version: the interface between policy and military aggression. Let me remind you that Russia’s attack on Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014 is also seemed impossible. But as it turned out, it was possible and occurred. So you should blow on the water.


Whether Russia’s actions with the strengthening of the Eastern flank of NATO?


Is not working according to the laws of Hammurabi: “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Russia not only responds to the action of the Alliance, quite often she goes to the aggravation. She says she responds to the steps in the “horrible West”, but in fact it is part of its own script, intimidate, demonstrate that it is strong, and it should be considered.

The European Union, in turn, in return for concessions to Gazprom in antitrust trial ready to agree to the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. This is a dangerous signal?


— In a dispute between Poland and the European Commission, the second side supports Gazprom. It is absolutely incredible situation: instead of trying to protect its members, the European Commission listens to the Russian tips. And Russia, which is guided by the principle “divide and conquer”, ready to go at all to collude with individual countries of Western Europe, with the European Commission against other countries, in this case Poland.


On the one hand, the EU represents the continuation of sanctions imposed against Russia over the war in Ukraine, and the other — agrees to the construction of the aforementioned pipeline. How to understand this?


Is a policy of playing on two pianos. On the one hand, the EU is some steps under the pressure of Poland and the Baltic countries, and with another — opens Russia’s economic loophole that is beneficial to individual countries of the European Union, specifically Germany. It is necessary to understand so: the EU is mad politics, he acts in the interests of Berlin, which took care to expand on the “Nord stream” European blue umbrella with yellow stars.


There still remain chances that the project will not become reality? We have something to fight for?


— We should return to what it was before: a broad coalition that includes not only the Baltic but also Nordic countries, which have long demonstrated concern about the economic aspects of this project. We need to talk about how important it is in this area of European solidarity. To win in this business is very difficult, but we must fight: the one who is not fighting, not winning. If we surrender, Germany and Russia gave us a new Treaty of Rapallo or Locarno.


Thank you for the interview.