What you should not do after eating

Many people have bad habits after eating. For example, many people want to lie down and watch TV after dinner, but it is very injurious to health in the long term, according to med2.ru.


  • As a lack or excess of sleep affect brain health

Experts cite five habits that are quite useful after a meal and can harm health:

  • Smoking

We all know that Smoking leads to many bad consequences, but even more harmful is to smoke a cigarette right after lunch or dinner. You need to wait a couple of hours after a meal before you light the cigarette, because the nicotine could harm the digestive process, and contribute to the emergence of a greater number of carcinogens.

Some studies show that Smoking only one cigarette immediately after dinner or supper is the same as to smoke ten cigarettes under normal circumstances.

  • Fruit

You need to eat fruits before meals, on an empty stomach, not after it. While slowing the digestive process and the body needs more time to absorb the fruit sugar than usual.

In addition, the body receives all the nutrients, when fruits are consumed on an empty stomach. If you eat fruits immediately after a meal, you can get indigestion, heartburn or the unpleasant regurgitation.

  • Sleep

Sleep after a meal can cause bloating, discomfort, poor sleep and other negative consequences. A study was conducted that found people who slept immediately after eating, had a higher chance to develop stroke than those who did not. It is recommended to eat two hours before bedtime.

  • Shower

Taking a shower increases the blood flow in the hands and feet, so reduced the flow of blood in the stomach that causes slow digestion.

  • Tea

Drinking tea after meals reduces the absorption of iron by 87%, so it can cause some diseases associated with iron deficiency such as anemia, pale skin, chest pain, poor appetite, dizziness, fatigue and more.