Education reform, improvement of the minimal wage and hurricanes in the United States: the week in numbers and events


212 274 the Ukrainian military has received to date, the status of combatants, the defense Ministry reported. Since the beginning of the ATO insignia of the Ministry of defence awarded 43 thousand people, 27 thousand have received state awards.

4 thousand UAH – a minimum wage is laid in the draft budget 2018, according to the parliamentary faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”. Besides, the Cabinet promised to increase the average base wage to 3764 UAH. This figure is used to calculate pensions, its growth offer to compensate for the decrease in the calculated ratio from 1.35 to 1.00.

Grew by 29% of the Ukrainian market of new passenger cars in January-August compared with the same period of 2016 – 047 to 49 units, informed the group AUTO-Consulting. In January-July, the market grew by 32% , and from January to June – 35%. Dynamics is steadily declining as sales growth in absolute terms.

Another 6.5 million euros will provide the German Federal government on the humanitarian activities of the International Committee of the red cross in Ukraine, said the German Embassy.Thus, the total funding for Germany projects and activities of the ICRC in Ukraine in 2016-2018 will increase to 14.5 million euros.

11.61 billion over 25 years was allocated by the world Bank to Finance projects in Ukraine, the Finance Ministry said. The funds were aimed at institutional development of state authorities, support of individual areas and projects in the priority sectors, and system projects aimed at supporting reforms and balance the state budget.

3 billion dollars is currently the amount of foreign currency loans that are not repaid by the population and are on balance of banks, said the Deputy head of the national Bank Dmitry Sologub.

193.7 million dollars amounted to a net sale (the excess of sale over purchase) of foreign currency by the population through the banking system in August. According to the NBU, since the beginning of the year, the Ukrainians sold the banks for $1,995 billion more foreign currency than bought.

Higher 26.6% in Ukraine in the first half was the average monthly wage of men than women reported state statistics Committee. The average monthly salary of regular workers – men amounted to UAH 7779, while women – 6243 grn.

Increased in 10 times, and condominiums in August compared to the same period in 2016, the volume of attracted credit funds for thermal insulation of residential buildings – to a record amount of 32 million UAH, reported in the Saee.

September 5 the Verkhovna Rada adopted new version of law “On education”, which envisages the introduction of 12 years of schooling, establishes the annual budget allocation to education of 7% of GDP and the gradual increase in the salary of teaching staff of up to three minimum wages up to 2023.


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16 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility by the decision of the Minister of defence upon the supply in the unit of low-quality food.

UAH 4.2 bn in July, the Ukrainians paid for housing and communal services, which has made 124,1% accrued during this period amounts. The highest level of payment was observed in Kharkiv, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions (161,9%, 157,4% to 151.8%, respectively) and the lowest – in Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Kirovohrad regions (84,5%, 85,5% and 93%, respectively).

About 5 thousand people accepted this year to study in military educational institutions of the defence Ministry. Among received about 1 thousand – participants of the ATO.

112 million dollars bought books Ukrainians in 2016 compared to 2015 increase occurred at 2-2. 5 million dollars, said President of the Ukrainian Association of publishers and booksellers Alexander Afonin.

Decreased by 20% between 2010 and 2017 the number of smokers in Ukraine, said the Ministry of health. Today daily smokers remain 35.9% of men and 7.0% of women.


27 billion UAH bln in January-July the state budget surplus in April, thanks to the surplus in the special Fund of 30.52 billion UAH, which was caused by specefication, said Mintian. In January-July last year, the budget deficit was 49,94 billion.

1.9 times less in annual terms was the volume of foreign capital investments in Ukraine in January-June of 2 billion 344 million hryvnas, reported the state statistics service. However, investments from the state budget increased 3 times – up to 2 billion 639 million UAH, from local budgets – has grown in 2,1 times, up to 7 billion 854 million UAH. The volume of public funds for housing construction increased by 15.2% and amounted to 13 billion 854 million UAH.

$ 505.4 bn million dollars – in such sum the Ministry of Finance on 1 September repaid the fourth coupon on Eurobonds issued as part of debt transactions with state and state-guaranteed debt, and the restructuring of external borrowing Kiev, “Ukravtodor” and the state enterprise “Design Bureau “southern im.Yangel” (Dnipro). The amount of the first coupon payment amounted to 473,313 million dollars, second-and third – 505,429 million dollars.

The current sixth program of Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF should be completed and planned to be the last, says Finance Minister Alexander danyluk. In the period from 1994 to 2013, Ukraine has started five programs with the IMF, but none of them was brought to an end.

394,91 billion amounted to the state budget revenues in the first half, according to the chamber. This is 53.3% of the annual plan and by 48.7% more than in the same period of the previous year. In this case, the chamber noted that the higher the level of implementation of the plan of income due, in particular, enrollment into a special Fund confiscated assets and funds derived from the sale of property confiscated by the court for corruption and related corruption offences.

Of 8.82 billion cubic meters had made the transit of Russian gas through the Ukrainian gas transportation system in August – a record for the last few years. The reason – high demand for gas in Europe and the repairs on the gas pipeline Yamal — Europe. At year-end the transit could be closer to 100 billion cubic meters, the most since 2011. If the demand for Russian gas in Europe will remain at this level in the coming years, Gazprom will have to negotiate with “Naftogaz of Ukraine” on the new transit contract: alternative gas pipelines NordStream 2 and “Turkish stream” will not be able to fully replace the Ukrainian route.

929,25 million UAH of dividends and the net profit transferred in 2017 in the budget of the enterprises which have corporate rights of the state, said the state property Fund

The possibility of reducing the rent for gas to 12% instructed the Ministry of Finance to calculate, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. The rent is offered to one, it is now for new deposits is 29% for private companies and 50% to the state company “Ukrgazvydobuvannya”. The decrease in rent will allow companies to spend more money on exploration and drilling, which should lead to growth in gas production.

Grew by 29% in January-August, annualized revenues of local budgets – up to 124 billion. The revenues of these budgets due to the reform, decentralization has increased in 2016 by 44% compared to 2015 year – on-year to 144 billion.

742 vehicles were proizvedeno August at Ukrainian plants, which is 116% higher than in August last year and 45% more than in July 2017.This was announced by the Association Ukrautoprom .In total volume the majority of them were passenger cars, which were produced 642 units.

The world

From 150 to 180 billion dollars, will require the us state of Texas for liquidation of consequences of hurricane “Harvey” – declared the Governor of the state. Thus, “Harvey” is the most destructive natural disaster in the United States. Hurricane “Katrina” that devastated New Orleans in 2005, cost the U.S. economy $125 billion.

200 trillion dollars is now the total cost of all properties in the world, according to the British company Savills.84% of total cost is housing, and the rest is commercial property.More than 70% of all real estate in the world in terms of value ($141,5 trillion) is located in ten countries: China, USA, Japan, UK, India, Germany, France, Brazil, Italy and Russia.

43 ICO-platform ie platform for primary placing of cryptocurrencies in China as of July 18. In total, the country conducted 65 ICO, which attracted 2.6 trillion yuan (398 million dollars). However, on 4 September, people’s Bank of China has invalidated the ICO and demanded the immediate cessation of all such operations. Organizations and individuals informed the ICO carried out, ordered to return to investors all funds raised.

Increased by 14% , coal production in the United States in the first quarter in annual terms, to 197 million tonnes, But it fell by a third from 2008 to 2016, from 1.2 billion tonnes to 800 million tonnes In the first half of this year, the share of coal in electricity production in the United States increased to 30.3% from 29.1% in January-June 2016. Such dynamics mainly explains explains the rise in gas prices..

Rose by 6% contracts for frozen concentrated orange juice for November delivery on the ICE Futures exchange. Traders fear the threat of a hurricane in Florida, ranked second in the world after Brazil in orange production.

720 thousand square km will be the area of specially protected natural area around Easter island, which will be the largest in Latin America. It will, in particular, prohibits all types of fishing, in addition to traditional local methods.

Two citizens of the Russian Federation , the court in Montenegro called the main organizers of the planned coup in the country.there appeared before the court 14 people, but the Russians tried in absentia.

From 1.9 to 2.2% improved GDP growth estimate for the Eurozone, the European Central Bank. Expected rate – the best since 2007.Core inflation in the region accelerated slightly, employment growth supports consumption in the private sector and rising prices in the medium term, inflation will gradually increase to the target of 2%.

719 million tons can be the world cereal stocks by the end of the season. This is a record high level, as a result, the food price Index for August decreased by 1.3%, said the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO).