The conflict of Ukraine with close ally: Russia already inserts a foot in the door

In 2018, the centenary of independence in Poland are going to release the passport in the new design: in its pages may see an image of the Memorial Eaglets (Lviv Eaglets — the participants of the Polish armed forces, during the conflict of 1919-1921 was fought against the army of ZUNR and the Soviet army units), located on the territory of Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv. Such actions of the Polish side have already provoked protests in Ukraine. The Ministry of foreign Affairs handed a note of protest to the Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jan Pieklo, saying that actions Warsaw will negatively affect relations between the two countries. The analyst Maxim Mikhailenko explained, “Apostrophe”, what are the actions of official Warsaw and why Ukraine should be reserved to respond to such initiatives.

The political force which is today in Poland is in power — the party “law and justice” — she has single-party majority. Not in key, but to a certain extent she relies on the support of ultra-conservative circles in Poland. In particular, these organizations of kresovyaki — the descendants of the deported during the exchange of populations between Ukraine and Poland, which occurred in 40 years. And the Polish government from time to time make such advances to them.

It’s more of a game than some real conviction. For us it is unpleasant, there is nothing to say, but given the role Poland now plays in the Ukrainian foreign policy, I think we are wise not to heat up emotions for this reason. To respond correctly as possible, within the constraints of diplomatic Protocol that, by and large, Ukraine and makes.

In addition, you need to pay attention that we in the Institute of national remembrance are people who have beliefs, you can say exactly the same as Polish nationalists, just the opposite. Because our Institute of national memory is almost completely copied from the Polish Institute of national memory, Polish Institute and has the powers of intelligence agencies. And this pick, which is now about a year, she is not in the interests of both countries because both countries have a common enemy — Russia. And, of course, wherever possible, the Russian agents of influence you put a foot in the door of such conflicts.

It is more a bilateral situation, it is impossible to avoid it, Ukraine should be very hard to stick to its course, but polite. It’s hard not to notice that even under Kuchma and Aleksander Kwasniewski, when Yushchenko and Kachinskim, Ukraine, in my opinion, did absolutely everything for reconciliation with Poland, with the poles. This and the opening of the cemetery of Eaglets in Lviv, this mutual apology about the Volyn tragedy, that is, in fact, everything that happens — this is a feature, with the ruling Polish party, with which we have largely simply accept.