The deputies promise to adopt the law on funded pensions: who it will affect

Verkhovna Rada deputies intend to include in the bill the Cabinet on increpare the amendment on the introduction of personal savings accounts. Earlier, the government decided to postpone the launch indefinitely. As reported to us by MP Pavlo Rizanenko, a group of parliamentarians such amendment recently submitted and approved by the relevant Committee of BP.

“Proposed to introduce compulsory personal cumulative pescata from 1 January 2019, the so-called second tier of the pension system, said Rizanenko. — While the law must be a norm that the SECOND level is entered only if the condition of the self-supporting budget Pensfond (PF), as in the next few years to achieve this unrealistic. And to introduce a cumulative pescata as soon as possible, after we retired are becoming more and workers less.”

According to Rizanenko, a lot of MPs are ready to vote for increpare, just in case, if the rate of introduction of the funded system. A group of deputies submitted a bill that defines the size of additional contributions to personal savings accounts: in 2019, the year is 2% of salary, then within 5 years they should increase to 7%, and 1% per year.

For the safety and protection of money against inflation in these accounts of responsible government, unlike private pension funds. As already suggested, personal pescata will become mandatory for everyone on January 1, 2019 will be younger than 35, so for 25 years or more they will be able to save up for a decent pension. For those who are older, perhaps voluntary participation in the second level of pansystem.

EXPERTS. Experts agree that the introduction of funded accounts will make the project of the Cabinet of truly reformist. “If the law of this edit will then up to 2019 you can manage to take all necessary regulations, especially on the activities of the Agency, which will dispose of these monetary resources and be responsible for protecting them from inflation, — says the head of the public Council under PF Marianna Onufryk. — Ensure that the FS does not matter, as this is additional funding and not taken from the current joint pansystem. At the same time not yet resolved the question of who — employer or employee — there will be assignments on personal savings account of the pensioner. In the first case, it is a burden on business, which can strengthen the shadowing of wages, and the second will reduce the earnings of the worker, many will be against. But if the law revision will take this matter to 2019 will be decided.”

Pension expert Galina Tretyakov also hoped that the SECOND level finally work. “While in Parliament for a vote. 73 votes is right, then everything depends on the decisions of the factions before the vote. All will become clear after the conciliation Council of the faction before the vote” — said Tretyakov us.

Political analyst Vadim Karasyov predicts that the introduction of a funded peschlow MPs is approved, but does not exclude that then the term will take over, as it was: “In 2019 presidential elections, it is unclear what will be the political and economic situation in the country, so anything is possible. But now the deputies will vote to be accountable to the voters and the IMF, they say, the pension reform adopted in full. And then we will see”.