Members of the Nazi group, the last March in Norway, he received military training in Russia

Last weekend, the neo-Nazis of right-wing extremist groups “and the resistance movement” (DNM) held a rally in the centre of Kristiansand is on a pedestrian street, right in front of the children and adults.

In Rygge (Rygge) 300 police officers were brought into a state of high alert to meet neo-Nazis in Fredrikstad (Fredrikstad), but in the end, this enhanced combat readiness has led to the fact that the protesters held their March in Kristiansand.

Sundwall Arne (Arne Sundvoll), acting police chief in Agder (Agder), said Monday in an interview with TV 2 that he does not need to criticize yourself for not called to the city police, the former prepared to Rygge.

Before the rally began to arrive, the neo-Nazis out of Finland and Sweden. At a checkpoint at Eyrieux (Ørje) and Svinesund (Svinesund) in Ostfold (Østfold) was arrested 14 people.

TV 2 has received information indicating that the demonstration in Kristiansand last weekend was attended by about 70 neo-Nazis. About 20 of them were Norwegians. The majority of participants were Swedish citizens.

Last year, several hundred demonstrators from DNM, the largest neo-Nazi group in the North of Europe, marched through Stockholm. This group is the most organized in Northern Europe, there is a strict hierarchy. It is this group causes the greatest concern of the security police of the various Northern European countries due to the fact that DNM has the potential to commit violent acts.

“We are fighting for the survival of the peoples of Northern Europe and for freedom,” — said the leader of the Norwegian branch of the organization in an interview with TV 2 in October 2016.

Convicted for the bombings

In July of this year, three people associated with DNM, were convicted of bombings against refugee groups and left orientation in Gothenburg.

In January of 2017 in front of the shelter for refugees was bombed, one of the janitors was seriously injured. In the same month, another shelter for refugees and the bomb was discovered by the caretaker of the building. And in November last year, the explosion occurred in front of the building, in which there were representatives of left groups.

23-year-old Victor Melin (Viktor Melin), who led one of the groups fighting DNM in Gothenburg, was involved in all three attacks.

“Almighty One, we will regain our country. Jews and Muslims, we, the Norwegians woke up. And we’re going to regain the North,” — recited Melin on tape, discovered by police during a search.

During a demonstration in Stockholm in November 2016 he was wearing a uniform shirt and a pin member of the organization, he carried the banner of the neo-Nazi group.

On the shirt was a badge to wear which can only activists DNM. About two months before he became the standard-bearer during the March in Stockholm, he received military training in the paramilitary group Russian “Partizan”.

23-year-old Melin was sentenced by the District court of the first instance of Gothenburg to 8 years and 6 months in prison for attempted murder.

Ulf Johansson (Ulf Jonasson), who is 51, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for aiding and abetting, and 20-year-old Anton Thulin (Thulin Anton) received 1 year and 6 months in prison for helping to plant a bomb in one of the places of the attacks.

Underwent military training in Russia

Swedish prosecutors have indicated that Tulin and Melin previously underwent military training in Russia, in the organization, which, in turn, is associated with Russian neo-Nazi group, collaborating with the “Northern resistance movement”.

When the Swedish security service searched the dwelling 23-year-old Swede, in the folder they found information about Russian weapons.

Was also found records on explosives, radio communications and military first aid kit. And passport photos to fill in visa applications for travel to Russia. They were found in the nightstand, 23-year-old extremist.

During questioning in March this year, 20-year-old member of the DNM asked about the trip, which he made in Saint Petersburg in the fall of 2016.

First, Tulin said that was on vacation there, but then he was presented with evidence that he was there in a paramilitary training camp, where he, in particular, were taught to handle weapons.

Police investigators found a photo in VK, the Russian version of Facebook. Together with the 23-year-old soul mate he posed for the camera in combat gear and with weapons.

23-year-old Melin, moreover, told his employer that he is the military training, in particular, learned to handle weapons, and the Swedish security police SÄPO was discovered a number of evidence that the trip actually took place.

Mobile phone 20-year-old Tulin was even connected to the wireless network right-wing extremist organization “Partisan”, which organized the camp.

This ultra-nationalist paramilitary group claims that the Russian prepares for a new war, wrote the Washington Post after visiting training camps this winter. According to SÄPO, Russian volunteers used the training camp in St. Petersburg before heading to the conflict zone in the Donbass.