What will happen to gasoline prices in September: the forecast

Today to fill the car with a tank of 48 liters of gasoline “A-95” is cheaper by 24.96 hryvnia, than in June. As fell, and “A-92”. Refill tank with diesel fuel fell by 42.7 per USD. However, you can refuel with LPG is more expensive. What will happen to fuel prices in September, learned of the site Today.

 What happened to fuel prices in the summer

The price of petrol depends on the cost of petroleum products on European markets and the dollar. The Ukrainian company to pay for imported petroleum products and pay taxes in foreign currency. Therefore, the price tags at the pump directly depend on the hryvnia. Almost all summer the national currency only strengthened, while the price of oil was relatively stable. In addition, the sales volume has not significantly changed. These are the main reasons for the reduction in price of gasoline at the pump, says the co-chair of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Marunych.