How to finish: TOP 5 tips from a psychologist

You never learned to draw, never learned English and no longer follow the diet? Don’t worry, the same thing makes a huge number of people around the world. The good news is that the problem can be solved.

Read the advice of a psychologist Vlada Berezansky what 5 ways can help you to finish the job:

1. Do you want it?

Take a sheet of paper and write down all the goals that you set for yourself over the last year (whether you have achieved them or not). Look at them and analyze what you really wanted or this purpose is imposed on you family, friends, society? For example, all your friends signed up for a course of art therapy. It was absolutely not necessary, but you decided to go with them for company.

Or your mom says it’s time to get married and you go on dates, can’t meet the right man. Think about all the goals over the past year. If you have not achieved due to the fact that they were not quite yours, then you shouldn’t worry.

2. Small plans instead of one global goal

Getting to absolutely any business in your life, you always have a goal. When you eat, your goal is to avoid or to overcome the feeling of hunger when I read a book and to pursue knowledge or the intellectual rest, when you clean the house – go for comfort and cleanliness. But not always, our goals are simple and clear, not all goals can be realized within a few hours or days. If cleaning you can do it for half a day, here to learn a language will take years.

Therefore, it is necessary to draw up an action plan according to your goal. If the goal is to learn the language, so it is necessary to devote at least 20 minutes per day to learning new words, enroll in courses, read at least 1 page of text in English in a day. If the goal is to lose weight, then break it into such plan to enroll in a gym, find a suitable diet, given exercise one hour a day, do not eat after 18.00, and so on. Every week analyze what has been done and what is not and be sure to reward yourself for the work done.

Psychologist Vlad Berezansky. Photo: press service

3. Communicate with successful people

If you want to achieve success in career but in your surroundings people who work in the most simple are completely happy with them and are not going to develop and change your wealth and career for the better, it is unlikely that it will contribute to the vitality and inspiration.

Surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you are aiming for. You can chat with them about random topics or ask for advice about achieving your overall goal – difference. Mere your stay in this circle will give you the strength, impetus and incentive to move in the right direction.


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4. Consider resources

Before take conceived, count your resources. For example, you decided to learn figure skating. But you work from 9 to 18, three times a week go to the English language, twice to the gym this weekend driving to my parents out of town. Time to practice figure skating, you have no respectively, you will be hard to achieve your goal. Or perhaps you decided to take up tennis, but don’t have the resources for equipment and uniforms. Always, before anything else assess their strength and capabilities. And then the things that you did not bring to the end will be less and less.

5. Learn how to stop

It happens that you got everything planned and are nearing their goal. But every day you more and more I realize that this goal for you is no longer relevant or just not interesting. Did you realize that drawing is not yours, but language learning is so difficult and takes so much time that you simply if you need just to hire an interpreter than to spend so much time, effort and money on something that you are not given…

Most importantly, be honest with yourself. If you are just too lazy today to teach new words – do not teach, but don’t quit work. But if you are honest to themselves and after so many attempts I can admit that it’s just not your thing, don’t blame yourself, and just stop working on the goal. Not reach goal, because you realize that it is not your – this is normal. Don’t blame yourself for it. Any classes you can get something useful. Who knows how the future will serve you well learned words or drawing technique.