Finally, the UN directs the light to the crimes of Assad

Currently, the UN failed in Syria to achieve their goals in order to ensure peace and development. On the contrary. The UN showed itself from its worst side, allowing the two major powers to veto against the criticism of the main responsible for the war, the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad (Bashar al-Assad).

But here comes the good news from the General Assembly of the United Nations. The vast majority of countries in the world (105 vs 15) shortly before Christmas decided to create a group that needs to prepare everything necessary for the prosecution of war criminals. Russia, Iran and China voted against, of course.

None of them particularly don’t care what the UN or anybody else intervenes in their Affairs. And two of them, Russia and Iran are themselves involved in a war Assad.

But the work of the members of the General Assembly is taking place without the right of veto. Therefore, the majority could decide to form a group that will collect materials for the future of the trial against those responsible for war crimes.

The Commission of inquiry at the UN Council on human rights has already collected part of the materials and declares the “rough” of war crimes. And Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and many Syrian organizations provide evidence and proof of torture, prohibited weapons, chemical weapons, the shelling of hospitals and other crimes.

There is a sea of photos, films and medical reports. A number of Syrian defectors can tell you what happened in the Syrian prison, Syrian security services and Syrian army. It will be something not suitable for children.

Christian Wenaweser (Christian Wenaweser), representative of Liechtenstein to the UN, said, pushing a proposal that the group should try to fix what couldn’t the Security Council do. The representative of Syria was naturally unhappy, but this is his job.

He called the proposal to create a panel to investigate war crimes “illegal” and “a clear interference in the internal Affairs of a member state of the UN.”

Regarding the latter, he’s right. This something is the most importantly, the international community will try to give an opportunity to the civilian population of Syria to be taken seriously and to create the prospects of justice because the formal government is unable to do so.

The UN decided that the group needs to be created in the next 20 days. It must collect, verify, store and analyse evidence of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights.

In addition, the group should prepare a fair and independent hearing what is said in the resolution. Not a lot? No. On the contrary. It is important for Syria and the UN. If the Syrians had previously felt a bit neglected of the UN and the rest of the world, but now everything has fallen into place.

Now they know that the world was aware of the fact that the Assad regime killed about 1.5 thousand people with chemical weapons, and that no one helped these people.

They know that the world was aware of the fact that Assad aircraft showered bombs on the civilian population.

They know that the world was aware of the fact that tens of thousands of regime critics were tortured in the prisons of Assad. They know that the world is well known that several countries, especially Russia, Iran and Iraq, and Lebanon are engaged in a war Assad or allow their citizens to defend Assad after his own army had lost its power.

So for the Syrians to be good news that, in preparing the judicial process, the UN General Assembly so seriously perceives their tragedy.

If the leadership of the United Nations, the Secretary-General to the Council on human rights, feels powerless in front of Russia and China, the preparation of such a trial is also very out of place.

Ban Ki-moon has said several times that knows about the crimes committed in Syria. Obviously, he wants very much the UN has achieved its objectives. And that he was not pleased that the veto prevented the UN to use his authority as they should.

Russia and China had previously used its veto to prevent the Security Council to appeal to the criminal court in the Hague to consider the scale of war crimes in Syria.

But the two great powers can not prevent the General Assembly to tackle this issue independently. It adopted a resolution giving the UN the right to use the necessary money and effort to prepare a trial against war crimes. It’s a good day for the UN.