The biggest and most common mistakes in manicure: why and what you are doing wrong

If you know the subtleties that are well known to the masters of manicure, regular visits to the salon may not be necessary. It is important to keep in mind to go best, says


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So, eight of the most common mistakes you make during a manicure:

  • If you do manicure, be sure to verify the purity of the instruments. So, if they used someone else, before use they should be disinfected and sterilized. Often we neglect such delicacy in the home, but this can lead to infection and suppuration in the event of a cut.
  • Another mistake that occurs too often is a strong pressure on the nail plate when you move aside the cuticle. In this area is the matrix of the nail, and if you injure it, the nails will start to grow in “waves”. Remember that all movements should be effortless to improve the appearance of hands, not to hurt them.
  • Very often in an attempt to remove residual sawdust from under the girls nails begin to dig there orange stick or other sharp object. Feel an urgent need? Do this as carefully as possible, so as not to hurt the hyponychium (this leads to the formation of voids under the nails).
  • When performing manicure yourself it is highly recommended to pay attention to abrasive saws and buffs for polishing. Figure they must be from 180 and above – this suggests that they are designed for natural nails. Nail files for artificial nails are too harsh and may damage or histoncal nails.
  • You should not file wet nails. If nail Polish you used the tub for soaking, the nails must be dry before using the nail file, otherwise it will lead to delamination.
  • After the preparatory phase (before applying paint) nails must be degreased. This will help the coating to hold out as long as possible – and is best suited alcohol-based sanitizer. You should also not neglect the use of base and top, since these actions increase the “life expectancy” of color coating.
  • When applying paint there is no need to do thick layers. On the contrary, it is better to make them as thin as possible, and only then, if necessary, apply an additional coat. The fact that in this case the varnish faster and better dry.
  • And last but not least, often when applying paint girls forget about the ends. But the experience of masters of manicure shows that if you carefully study this area, the covering will please you for much longer.
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