A set of exercises for the legs: how to stay in shape

The dream of every girl is beautiful and slender legs. That was not ashamed to wear short dresses, worth regularly do special exercises. See video of the exercises from the gym teacher’s office, the money changers.

Squats. The buttocks and thighs. I part. 3-4 approach:

1. Squat with a narrow staging stop, 25-30 times. Strengthen gluteus Maximus, quadriceps and inner thighs.

2. Squats with a wide production stop (one foot elevated), 25-30 times. The emphasis on the gluteus Medius, quadriceps and inner thighs.

3. Squats Reverans Emphasis on the gluteal muscles, 25-30 times.

4. Squat to side 25-30 times. Working on the inside of the thigh and lower buttock muscles. From a standing position, step to the side and descend as deeply as possible, placing his feet as widely as possible.

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Buttocks and beDRA. Part II (3-4 way):

1. Squats to the side with a spring 3*4; 8*2.

2. Squat to side with abstraction. These include squats to work obliques and lower back.

3. Squat “Reverence” with a spring 3*4; 8*2.

4. Exercise #2. Doing the springs. 3*4.

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