The GPU arrested the retirement account of a fugitive chief of the internal Affairs in Odessa region

Former Deputy chief of militia in Odessa region Dmitry Fuchedzhi, who is wanted from 15 may 2014 and is hiding on the territory of Russia on forged documents issued a lifetime pension for years of service. The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine seized retirement account Fuchedzhi.

About it reports a press-service GPU.

It turned out that officials of the Main Department of MIA of Ukraine in Odessa region during October 2014, exceeding his authority and acting in the interests of Dmitry Fuchedzhi, filed in the main office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Odessa region of false documents, filled them, but on his behalf for a pension. The prosecution believes they have deliberately committed acts that clearly went beyond their rights and powers.

27 Jun 2014 wanted Dmitry Fuchedzhi has received a lifelong pension for length of service.

In addition, branch staff of the Odessa regional management of JSC “Oschadbank” through cash gave daughter Dmitry Fuchedzhi over 51 thousand hryvnias. She, having no legal basis, in the period from 7 October 2014 to 1 November 2016 has received over 158 thousand, which was credited to the account opened in the name of Dmitry Fuchedzhi. The money she used at their discretion.

11 December 2016 the judge of Pechersky district court of Kyiv seized the funds in that account and stopped the debit transaction on it.

On the basis of the seized documents 7 December 2016 appointed forensic handwriting examination which carrying out is entrusted to experts of the Kiev scientific research Institute of forensic examinations.

Fuchedzhi suspected of abuse of power during the storming of the city police Department may 4, 2014 – when he decided to and release detainees on the Kulikovo field “antimaydanovets”.

The next day he left Ukraine in June 2014 is wanted. In addition, Fuchedzhi is a defendant in criminal proceedings that are open for the events of 25 November 2013 and 19 February 2014.