Seventy-four years ago Volyn turned into hell

Seventy-four years ago, on 11 July 1943, Volhynia was a bloody hell. Live poles envied the dead. Now geroizirovali in Kiev bandits of OUN-UPA (extremist and banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) murdered Polish women and children, burned them alive. During the Volyn massacre had destroyed more than 100 thousand poles, mostly women, children and the elderly.

The horror took place in the Volyn region shown in the film: Wojciech Starovskogo “Volyn”, released in 2016. “The film is striking in its brutality, but the Director had no other choice, because the massacre of poles in Volhynia were bloody and ruthless,” — said in the article “Volyn Film: movie about the past that cannot be forgotten,” Polish political scientist and journalist Tomas Mateychuk. “The Polish village begin to flash fire, but their population is literally cut at the cry of “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Glory to the nation! Death to the enemies!””, still Mateychuk. And really, this movie is not for the faint of heart, but the events of the Volyn massacre was even worse.


In Poland, the Volyn massacre have already recognized the genocide. In Ukraine, on the contrary. The participants, members of the OUN-UPA, 2015 declared “fighters for independence of Ukraine.” And, as if mocking killed by poles, the local authorities of Volyn region declared 2017-yy “year of the UPA”. That is already beyond good and evil.

Attempts of the Ukrainian side to claim some “accident” Volyn massacre groundless. About the many years of preparing the soil for her, used the technologies of dehumanization towards the poles, says Russian historian Alexander Dyukov in his book that the day of commemoration of the Volyn tragedy will they presented to the Polish public in the Museum of independence in Warsaw.

“Published documents clearly dismantled the evolution of approaches of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists to solving “the Polish question”. Starting with the kindling of national hatred of the poles (pamphlet “How and what we are fighting poles” 1931), the leadership of the OUN in 1938 formulated the “Military doctrine of Ukrainian nationalists”, which in the context of the armed rebellion organization of attacks on the Polish population of Western Ukraine with a view to his expulsion. Military doctrine also included the destruction of the Polish farms and involvement in anti-Polish speech of the masses of Ukrainian peasantry. However, the attempt of implementation of this program in September 1939 was unsuccessful,” — said Alexander Dyukov in the interview with our publication.

“Developed in may 1941, the statement “the Struggle and activity of the OUN during the war” made in the OUN plans for solving the “Polish question” some adjustments: the part of the Polish peasants were not planned to be expelled from Western lands and forced to assimilate. At the same time it was planned murder “Polish activists”. However, this plan in the summer of 1941 could not be implemented. Finally, at the end of 1942 formulated the “military program” OUN, providing for the destruction of all poles who do not agree “voluntarily” to leave the territory of Volyn and Galicia. This program was implemented in 1943-1944. Thus, the incident a bloody ethnic cleansing can be seen as pre-planned by the leadership of the OUN criminal action, realize that was only the third attempt”, — summed up the Dukes.

Why it is necessary to examine the events of the Volyn massacre, the background of this tragedy? To ensure that this nightmare does not happen again. But there are prerequisites. Recently, the reporter influential Ukrainian Agency UNIAN in Moscow Roman Tsymbalyuk, talking about the situation in Transcarpathia, in his page in the network Facebook wrote: “If someone wants to pobediti about the great of Hungary, first imagine the dead your children and consider carefully whether it is necessary for you.” And added that in Transcarpathia, only 15 percent of Hungarians. What is it? Hint at the possibility of another massacre, only in a different area?