Incredible images: what a nice man grew up mentally retarded son of Chinese women

In 1988, the Chinese Zou, Hongyan (Hongyan Zou) gave birth to a son. However, childbirth was accompanied by serious complications. This led to the fact that her newborn baby was doomed to a life of a disabled person with cerebral palsy, writes


Even the doctors were convinced the woman to abandon her son, not to mention their own husband. They all believed that a man with such intellectual and physical challenges in the future waiting only a pathetic and useless existence. Zou, however, rejected the proposal of the doctors, had divorced the child’s father and has dedicated his life to the treatment and upbringing of his beloved boy.


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To support his little family, Zou had to work three jobs at the same time and in the evenings she played with her son in the game, allowing to develop the intellect and the emotions. Mother even taught him how to use bamboo chopsticks, although his clumsy hands could hardly hold on to them.


29 years later, this boy – Dean Dean – is a graduate of Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in the field of environmental Sciences and technology. Also he recently became a student at Harvard in the field of law.


Just imagine how much proud of this hard working guy and his mom who have achieved incredible progress in the development of the son