What does the new political system: reforms and 250 “bayonets”

This week, the country launched a new political season. After a two-month vacation, the work of MPs is more than enough — in addition to the heap of reforms, which they left from the previous session, relevant personnel issues and the continuation of the epic with the removal of parliamentary immunity.

THE VOICE OF THE DEPUTIES. In the session hall of the deputies was last collected on 14 July and the day could not take any decision, “closing” before lunch. The first plenary meeting of the seventh session will take place on 5 September. As explained to us, the people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Spivakovsky, the main parliamentary trends this autumn will be the three reforms — pension, medical and educational.

“I think the first to go educational. As a representative of the relevant Committee, frankly, this bill is weak. But it’s still a big step forward, and it must be accepted. The main thing before voting for the budget in the Ministry of Finance has formed the development philosophy of the educational environment to the educational institution to decide on the issues of their funding,” he says.

His colleague, the head of the faction “people’s front” Maxim Burbak also noted that the main task of Parliament will be the continuation of the reforms. “There are issues that we don’t have time to consider before the break. Most importantly, the introduction of health reforms which we have launched, taking the first reading is one of the key bills — he told “Today.” But the main thing for us is improving our national security and defense. Recent events during the celebration of Independence Day, showed that even within Kiev it is possible (explosion on the Grushevsky street on August 24. — Ed.)”. Burbak added that there are already reports of the Cabinet that on September 15 in Parliament the draft budget for next year. According to him, one of the main requirements — the financing of national safety and defense at the level not below 5% of GDP.

THE CHANCES OF SUCCESS. But experts believe that the greatest likelihood to enter the session hall — the pension reform. “She and educational reforms a chance to pass Parliament — about 70%. While the lifting of the moratorium on land sales would I give 50% and medical — only 20% — said politekspert Ruslan Bortnik, the Problem is that MOZ still has not managed to convince the MPs of the benefits of the new system.” The expert believes that one of the main tasks of the Verkhovna Rada this fall will be the formation of a coalition of 250 “bayonets”. “The experience of last session, we see that 226 of the coalition members does not guarantee a successful vote. But to accept the reforms this autumn is vital — next year will have an election, and to “push” such changes through the session hall will be almost impossible,” sums up Bortnik.

IMMUNITY AND STAFF. In turn, the political scientist Vladimir Fesenko considers that much more contentious issue will be the removal of inviolability from deputies. This process, which started in the end of the previous session, in his opinion, will continue in the new season. We will remind, in June the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, answering the question, is it over-cleaning in the ranks of the parliamentarians, said that he “many of the MPs will be considered in the autumn”. According to Fesenko, it can add chaos in BP and affect the voting process.

“Finally, it will address the staffing issues. Surely BP will put an end to the question of head of the NBU, with the appointment of a successor Valeriya Gontareva. But the question three Ministers (today, without official leaders remain the Ministry of health, Ministry of agrarian policy and Ministry of information policy) will very much depend on if I can find a compromise people’s deputies”, — concluded the expert.

Laws summer: the state border and abortion

According to the head of Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel, during the holidays, the pace of law-making MPs remained the same as during the sixth session. For example, just last month, there were 128 new laws. “But, as a rule, in summer, the BP often appear substandard bills. In the summer it is impossible to organize a dialogue with experts to obtain reports of relevant organizations or focus groups. Moreover, very often in the summer they served not themselves MPs and their assistants or employees of the party apparatus,” adds the Purse.

Of the last registered of bills is the document about responsibility for crossing the Ukrainian state border. According to him, if a citizen of “country-aggressor” crosses the border through the official checkpoint, he faces up to three years in prison. In addition, the document was fed, allowing the doctor to refuse an abortion for reasons of conscience.