In the pseudo-republics in the Donbass are afraid of hunger this summer

This week marks three years since the day when the separatists began to seize administrative buildings in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lugansk. And if in Kharkiv, Ukrainian authorities managed to take control of the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk rebellion led to armed conflict, which has lasted until now. Now in the occupied territories reigns an oppressive atmosphere. Particularly difficult situation in the Luhansk region. Here are openly talking about an impending famine and humanitarian catastrophe.

HOW THE WAR BEGAN. Pro-Russian rallies in Donetsk began on March 1, 2014. On this day the Federation Council of Russia allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to send troops into the territory of Ukraine and illegal annexation of the Crimea was already in full swing. In the first days of March 2014, the separatists under the leadership of Pavel Gubarev tried to seize the building of Donetsk regional Council and Donetsk regional state administration (RSA). A new round of escalation took place on 6 April 2014, when the aggressive crowd took control of the Donetsk regional Council and regional state administration. They demanded to hold a referendum on joining Russia, and the next day proclaimed the so-called “Donetsk people’s Republic” (“DPR”). Over the captured buildings were raised the flags of Russia.
Gunmen seized administrative buildings in Lugansk and Kharkov. The fact that similar events under the same slogans took place simultaneously in several places, suggests that 6 April 2014 is the day of the beginning of the active phase of the separatist insurgency in Eastern Ukraine, which was provoked by Russia. And if in Kharkiv, Ukrainian authorities managed to take control of the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk this was not possible. Moreover, on April 12, a gang of terrorists led by Russian officer Igor strelkov (Girkin) seized the town of Slavyansk in the Donetsk region, extending to him the influence of the “DNR”. So began the armed conflict.

People voted on a pseudo-referendum for the sake of “Russian salaries”. AFP photo

THE TERRITORY OF THE DECEPTION AND DISAPPOINTMENT. An eyewitness of the events of three years ago, a resident of Donetsk Eugene notes that the seizures of administrative buildings in Donetsk, attended by both local and Russians, who began to appear in the city in February and March. “From the local went there mostly losers who have had problems with work and personal life. Thought that everything will work out. But nothing was adjusted, and two of my friends who went there, already have won”, — concluded Eugene.
Another Donetsk resident, Alexei, remember that the police handed over protected objects almost without resistance. “Even when seized the building of the interior Ministry, the cops only to appear knock. And so, to shoot in the air or water cannons to drive away the invaders, even this was not”, — says Alexei. According to him, many policemen are not particularly objected to the “Crimean scenario” because I wanted to “Russian salary”.

The Chairman of the joint coordination center “Donbas”, born in occupied Gorlovka Oleg Sahakyan, believes that no one local had not objected to the forceful Stripping of buildings. “Donbass does not protest, the working Donbass”, — said Sahakyan. In his opinion, did not fully understand what awaits them, and no one was able to lead them to lead in the assault and Stripping of buildings from the separatists. Also Sahakyan is sure that the idea of separatism in the Donbas was not particularly popular according to polls, 60 to 80% of the population, depending on age, strongly identify themselves with Ukraine.
Now, according to Alexey, many residents of Donetsk have started to understand that they “cheated”. Similar sentiments were found in other residents of the “DPR” – controlled territories, according to Oleh Saakyan. “Such feelings are experienced by people, regardless of political sentiment. The occupied territories became the territory of deception and disappointment. People are in occupation, in a powerless position. But they don’t come to the protest because they are afraid. But in a conversation with you no one confesses his fears and errors. On the contrary, it will be strongly justified,” says Sahakyan.

PENSIONERS AFRAID TO LOOK. In the Luhansk region on the territories controlled by the so-called “LNR”, the situation is apparently even worse. Residents of “the Republic” is increasingly talking about a possible famine and humanitarian catastrophe, which, according to them, can break out by the summer.

“It’s hard for everyone. Literally everything we have now to save. Local “authorities”, “scored” at all, there is no help. But if we have relatives in Ukraine or in Russia that can do at least something to help in this situation, the pensioners, especially single, even scary to watch. They are literally starving” — said the inhabitant of Lugansk Anna G.

Many local residents are now seeking to find work in Russia, as in Ukraine are afraid to go, because we believe that they will be issues at the SBU. Typically, these people travel not only in the border region, but travel even to Siberia and the far East.

The people of the so-called “LNR” also note that in the “country” increased significantly the level of crime, primarily burglaries and robberies. “Frequent lack of water, light, medicine, normal medicine, the high cost of everything as something already used, but in recent times it has become unsafe to leave their property and of the apartment without supervision, and to walk alone in the evening through the streets. Soon it will be hard to find someone who has not suffered from burglaries,” — told us a resident of Alchevsk Natalia M.
“The worst time than it is now, we have not been. In 2015 and 2016 it was hard, but, at least, had a job at the factory and was the salary. Now it seems that everything is slowly dying, and life here loses all meaning”, — said a worker of Alchevsk metallurgical plant Aleksandr K. People don’t understand how to live and don’t believe that protests will decide something. Hopelessness…